Tuesday, January 29, 2013


Writing those final scenes before the end of a manuscript is one of the most exciting parts of writing a novel. Everything needs to be solved, loose ends must be wrapped up, and of course the satisfaction of a happy ending gives such a nice euphoric feeling.

This week I got to the end of the manuscript I was working on, hence this post. And I thought I’d share the fact that I never actually type the words The End when I finish.

Why not you ask, it’s two more words to add to your word count?

True, but for me, getting to the end is never the actual end. Coming close to my expected word count, I know the end hasn’t really been reached. It’s editing time. A time I love. The story has been written, and now it gets to be polished, made into something that I can actually allow others to read. And even after the book is bound and sold, that’s never the end either. Books can go into second and third editions, begin selling overseas, they can go from print books into self-published ebooks, etc. A hundred years from now, when a copyright ends on a book, it can be reopened and retold. A book’s life is endless.

And isn’t that just like life? We never truly get to the end. There’s always more. An afterlife, a legacy left behind, love that will never die.

So today, I’d like to ask God to bless you on your writing journey, on your journey through this life, and cheers to never writing The End, because there truly is no such thing.


Eva Maria Hamilton
Author of Highland Hearts - Love Inspired Historical- Harlequin


  1. Great post Eva Marie. I never write "The End" either. For those who read our stories, it might just be the beginning of something wonderful. New ideas spawned by our work, that continue to touch others. Hope that makes sense. Blessings ~ Danie Marie

  2. That makes complete sense to me! I agree totally! :)

  3. I love this post. Never did believe in endings, even happily ever after endings. Every end is just another beginning.

    Thank you for the blessing, Eva Maria.

  4. Judith, thank you for your comment!
    I agree, "Every end is just another beginning." Very well said!
    Blessings to you, too! :)