Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Gratitude List

Gratitude and thankfulness seem to be severely lacking in our world at times. People expect others to cater to their needs yet often when they do, there is not even a word of thanks. This attitude can even rear its head in the way we treat God. How often have you or I prayed and then forgotten to give God our gratitude, praise and the glory when He answers, often even more wonderfully than we could have imagined?

So today I thought l would share some of the things I am grateful for in my life. I’m grateful for:

 God’s grace that called me into His family and the salvation won for me through Jesus and His death on the cross.

God’s Word which helps me learn more about God, his mighty plan of salvation and what He expects of me.

The privilege of prayer and knowing the value of praying for others, as well as being prayed for.

My husband of over forty years who is still the love of my life, my best friend and the one I enjoy spending time with. I love that we go to church, pray and share God’s word at home together.

Our married adult son and daughter who are walking with the Lord, married to believers, serving the Lord in their own churches and communities and who are teaching their children His ways. What a huge blessing that is.

For the church we are part of and the concern for each other shown in this church. For the feeling of belonging.

For good friends who share our lives and for Christian friends online who share the trials and joys of being a writer.

The place where we live, where God’s creation is so evident. Just yesterday morning as my husband and I went walking, we were blessed with the sight of kangaroos that we share our space with. At present a number of them have joeys in their pouches. They look so cute.

Sweet peas in our garden flower pink and purple. There is nothing like the smell of sweet peas to lift the spirits, so I’m, thankful for the gift of smell. Orchids and moth orchids brighten up our dining area and sweet peas and pansies are on the table in the living area.
The cheerful yellow and orange of browallia in my front garden. This photo is the parent plant of mine given me as a cutting from a friend.

Sunrises and sunsets. Two of my favourite times of day. These photos were taken at a beach near to our home.

The ability to be able to walk and stand and do things after my spinal operation over a year ago. Relief from pain and the outstanding result of the operation which came through prayer and plenty of it as well as the doctor’s skill.

Singing at church, in the car and just about anywhere else. The gift of music.

Sight to see all of the wonders God has made and to be able to read. I can’t imagine a world without books. I’m thankful for writers who write the kinds of books I like to read and for variety in reading.

Imagination. Without imagination and creativity we would have no books, no stories, no art, no craft, inventions and spectacular l buildings. The Sydney Opera House is one of my favourite buildings.

Words to communicate to my loved ones and friends how much they mean to me and words to use in my writing.  Poetry - I love the way words can be used to make different and beautiful patterns of sound and meaning.

Last but by no means least, my football team that just won the 2012 AFL premiership and my husband and I were able to see it and share in the joy. If that’s an amazing experience, and it was, it made me think how much greater it will be when we are around the throne of our Lord and God all praising Him together.

Over to you now. I’d love to hear some of the things you are thankful for.

 Streets on a Map, Dale’s latest novel was published by Ark House Press. Prior to that, Dale has had seven children’s books and Kaleidoscope a collection of poetry published. Many poems in Kaleidoscope have been previously published in Australia’s literary magazines. She has also written bible studies and Sunday school lessons.More information about Dale can be found at or on her Write and Read with Dale blog



  1. Dale, your blog post is lovely but the juxtaposition of your gratitude list next to my rant made me chuckle. The years will mark laugh lines on your face and a scowl on mine.
    Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures.

    1. It's funny Alice because I thought it would follow on from Marcia's but forgot about the day time difference.I'm sure you'll still have a smile too.I certainly have my ranting moments as well.

  2. I'm thankful for your blog post, Dale! What a great reminder. You've painted a beautiful picture with words and photos. Warms my heart and lifts my spirit, so thanks.