Friday, September 28, 2012

DEVOTION: When God Is Silent by Ray Hawkins

Time…around lunch time
Place…A mountain lookout.

There are times, Lord, when I feel the heaviness of your silence.
Many times I would love to have you say something loud, clear, unmistakeable!. Your scriptures have been your signpost, your manual for living, still . . .

What has unsettled me lately is the claim by some that they regularly hear your voice. It sounds so spiritual. It gives authority. It impresses. The trouble is, so much of what they say is shallow, sometimes contradictory to your word. I also find it offensive when their life style is more in the grey areas than in the light thrown by your Word.
However, people are attentive, impressed by them.
Am I jealous Lord?
Do I want acclaim?
I do, however, want to know you in a deeper way.
Lord, at least speak to me from your word today as I read the life of Abraham.

Guess what I’ve noticed? In 175 years of his life it is recorded that you only spoke to him 7 times. In between he had to walk in your silences. Is that what’s meant by you directing our steps? To trust your integrity to move us, overrule, to fulfil your purposes. Your silences are then a statement of trust in your people.
Is that the wonder of faith which you call on us to exercise?
Maybe Lord, I need to spend more time hearing what your Scriptures say instead of worrying about what others are on about.
Thanks for ‘speaking’ to me.
Ray Hawkins is retired after 30 years as a minister. 
He is author of three books of Biblical meditations;
for Children, Marriage, and the Cross. 
Check the website he shares with his wife, author Mary Hawkins.


  1. Thank you for this reminder that silence does not mean absence.

    Sometimes one can sit in the presence of a good friend without having to converse, just enjoying the proximity of one another.

    Perhaps we, like Brother Lawrence, can practice the presence of God in his silences.

  2. Hi Judith
    I appreciated your comment 'silence does not mean absence'. Our Lord has promised to be with us and He keeps His word. It is frustating sometimes to my ego when the Lord is silent but I've come to accept the fact that His silence is an act of trust in me/you.
    Thanks again for commenting.
    Ray H.