Friday, August 24, 2012

DEVOTION: Why Are You . . . ? by Ray Hawkins

Why are you smiling”? My wife asked
As I sat there daydreaming.
Why? Good question!
I was wandering down memory lane
And met happy times old and new,
Some with children, many with you
Dress ups, family fun and holidays
Precious pictures from the mind!
Memories transcending time
Made me smile!

“Why are you crying”? Grandson asked
As I read the mission magazine.
Why? Good question!
African Mission trips relived
Emotions again restirred. 
Slum dwellers, desperate, diseased
Not forgotten by Christ’s Church
Calvary’s precious testimonies!
Memories coloured by eternity
Made me cry!

“Why are you sighing”? Asked daughter
As I nibbled my toast!
Why? Good question!
I was thinking of yesteryears
Successes, failures, joys and fears
What might have been and what is!
Stories to tell, songs to sing
Christ’s providence and discipline.
Memories formed by our history
Made me sigh!

“Why are you praying”? Asked my heart
As in silence I meditated!
Why? Good question!
I couldn’t help it as I reflected
On my life, wife, kids and ministry
The journey we’ve had with Jesus
Sharing His faithfulness and mercy!
Prayer is my gratitude for
Memories time can never erase
Made me pray!
                  ©Raymond n. Hawkins June 2012.

Ray Hawkins is retired after 30 years as a minister. 
He is author of three books of Biblical meditations;
for Children, Marriage, and the Cross. 
Check the website he shares with his wife, author Mary Hawkins.


  1. A bit of nostalgia there, Ray. I really appreciated your poem. Thanks.

  2. I love these poem/devos of yours Ray. Thank you for sharing.