Friday, July 20, 2012

DEVOTION: A Soliloquy about a Bucket by Ray Hawkins

        A soliloquy is the act of talking to oneself. It comes from two Latin words, solus =alone + loqui = speak.

        My soliloquies are often expressed on paper. They are a constant reminder of a journey taken with the Lord.

        May I share one with you?

It was around 10am in an African village on one of our short term mission trips. From a multitude of experiences the following captured my heart and so I said:

Dear Lord,

        Could you get me a bucket?

        It’s a little thing I know and if I was back home in Australia I guess I wouldn’t be asking. Being here in this village makes little things appear rather huge and beyond reach. I’m not really good at their language and they won’t let me do any of the manual work, I’m a visitor.

        But Lord, I can use a bucket.

        Everyday these people work in the stifling heat. They get hot and weary. Wouldn’t it be great if I could go out to them with a bucket and a cup and offer them some water? Sure, it would mean walking a distance to the stream but that’s no big deal. I remember what you said about giving a cup of cold water to the little ones who are your disciples.

The trouble is, where can I get a bucket? I never thought that such a simple thing would almost seem like a miracle, well, not seem like, but actually would be a miracle. Lord, may I have eyes to see where you are pointing and guiding to answer this prayer?

What’s that Lord?

Are you stirring something in my heart and mind?

       You want me to be more than a bucket carrier? I’m to be your bucket? Have I got that right? As I share the cup of water I’m also to offer the Living Water of your grace?

        That will be a real test. My language skills are extremely limited. Still your Spirit can use my faltering words and love for these people to taste the wonder of your Living Water.

        O Lord, thank you for your Living Water. 

        This one thing I would ask as I close. Don’t let me leak.


P.S.  I want to thank you, in faith, for the bucket.

Ray Hawkins is retired after over 40 years as a minister. He is author of three books of Biblical Meditations; for Children, Marriage and the Cross. Check the website he shares with his wife, author Mary Hawkins.


  1. How well I remember that feeling of inadequacy in that village. Those lovely women there even insisted on taking over washing out our filthy clothes when the pastor was waiting to take us across to the school one day. They sure ministered to us and we can only pray God used us to minister to them in some way too. A mutual ministry.

  2. Thanks Ray, I loved this devotion. Not only the message but the way you approached it as well.