Friday, June 15, 2012

DEVOTION: When Heaven Touched Me by Ray Hawkins

From heaven you came
To touch my life,
From Calvary you cried
And called my name!

You touched my ears,
And I heard your voice.
You touched my heart
So I could love you.

You touched my lips
And I praise your name.
You touched my eyes,
Now I can see your glory.

You touched my will
And now it is yours.
You touched my feet
So I would follow you!

You touched my hands
And now I can write,
You touched my spirit
Now I can worship you.

You touched my life
And made me your own,
You called me by name
So I could serve you!

From heaven you came
And touched my life
From Calvary you cried
And I obeyed your voice.

©R.N.Hawkins 2004/5.
Ray is a retired minister, married to Mary, a multi-published author. He has written numerous articles and recently through EBP (Qld, Australian) had three devotional meditations published. Children- God’s special interest. From Eden with Love (About marriage) and Captured by Calvary. He is also a poet. See website and links.