Thursday, March 29, 2012

TAKE TWO and music CD offer

Dreadful photo, but only one I have!
Right now I'm working on completing a stack of five minute radio segments. They need to be right on target without any waffle. They need to catch interest straight away as there's so much on air competition. How similar to our books. If we can't catch a reader in that first paragraph then our reader goes searching for something else.

It's doubly challenging when we want to give a true-blue Gospel message. I usually begin with something secular,e.g. personal or world problems etc. Then this leads into the Lord Jesus having the answer. I co-present this with my husband, so it's like a give and take conversation. Our voices need to sound warm showing we care. It's similar to our writing in that we need to understand our characters well enough to make them read as genuine, with all their strengths and weaknesses.

These are pilot programs, so with all the hours in research and recording, we have no guarantee they'll be accepted. Oh yes, how much like working on our beloved stories. We put so much time and effort into them and simply send them off in faith they'll be appreciated. For years we presented a fifteen minute program, but who has the time to listen in for that long nowadays? Therefore, our searching out this new format. We'd love you to pray with us that these short programs we've named TAKE TWO will be accepted with enthusiasm.

If you'd be interested in some middle-of-the-road Gospel music we'd be happy to send you our CD. These are all my original lyrics and music comprising solos, duets and some violin, written and recorded before I began writing my inspirational historical fiction.

Interesting how it all started with art, graduated to writing Gospel music, then radio plus writing fiction.

I only wish I could afford a maid. Oh ... dreaded housework!!! No, I do like to cook, but dusting and cleaning and so on, are only compensated by dreaming up fictional plots for novels and facts and faith for radio programs! This does sound like a confession but it helps to get it off one's chest by sharing with all you dear like-minded people.

Let's know your disguised email, if you'd like to receive my CD, and God bless you!


  1. Yes, I would.

    safe [hyphen] LDwrites [at] flash [dot] net

  2. Hi Rita, I just love the old-fashioned picture on your cd cover.

    I didn't realise so much work went into short radio segments. I'll pray that TAKE TWO programs are accepted enthusiastically.

    Have you ever thought of doing a podcast? I love downloading podcasts of 30 to 45 minutes to my mp3 player and then I listen to them as I do the dreaded housework- the time flies by and it takes the drudgery out of the work.

    I'd love a copy of your cd if your offer is available in South Africa.

    God bless

    ruthanndell (at) mweb (dot) co (dot) za

  3. Lovely to hear more of how God has led you Rita.Prayers for your radio programs.The CD sounds great too.

  4. Hi Rita,

    Praying for the success of TAKE TWO.
    I would also love to have a copy of your CD.