Thursday, December 29, 2011


Look at this woman. Disgraceful!

We wouldn't act like that would we? Umm, well, maybe not outwardly, but I admit I've been on the verge of tearing out my hair!

Please allow me some leeway to vent. It's sure to be cathartic. And in the closing days of December 2011, maybe very appropriate.

Authors write books, don't they? So far I've had two published and supposedly working on the next, but I can't seem to get into it again. And I know why...

It's the blessed Emails!

They just keep coming and I just keep sending! I want to, I need to, I look forward to, and I'd wonder what happened if they stopped. But oh, what it's done to my actual writing time.

Is this what they call obsessive/compulsive disorder? Because I think I must be addicted to my laptop.

What about non-stop. Editing. I find it just so difficult to let go. I don't know how many times I write and rewrite. Ever searching for the perfect descriptive word. Argh! Sure, the books get better each time, but there has to be some sort of closure.

And this: the Net. There's always something there to pull me away from actually creating. The net is good as a servant, but oh my, sometimes I think I'm allowing it to be my master.

I make sure each morning to read God's Word and ask Him to guide me and give me wisdom, and perhaps that's why I am sharing this with you. Or should I say, confessing. It's finally dawning on me that I'm spending far too much time on this bit of convenient technology.

Not finished yet!

Television. So informative with its daily newscasts. So educational in its teaching about the animal kingdom and marvelous Geography and History. All things I feel I need to know. And let's not forget the world of entertainment at our fingertips. Such a fascinating siren call.

I daren't get onto Twitter. That would really sink me!

I know, I know. Priorities. My grandparents were fairly well rounded individuals and also informed, but they never relied on these things...weren't even invented then! So, It's time I turned over a new leaf. (That's appropriate for an author, isn't it?) Seriously though, I reckon I need more stillness in my attitude and to recognize and remember that He is God and allow Him more space in my life and in my heart.

Maybe many of you have also come to the same conclusions in your busy lives.


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  1. Hi Rita,
    My first thought was that on rare occasions, I may have been actually known to adopt the pose of this lady in the photo :)
    Secondly, this is a great reminder before the start of a new year, as these electronic distractions are an issue for me too.
    Finally, I'm well into your second book and will eagerly look forward to your third.
    Paula V

  2. I read somewhere that our whole society is distracted because of our love affair with instant communications. Apparently each e-mail, twitter, etc. opens a conversation and we can't concentrate on anything else, until the conversation is closed -- which it never is -- so we keep checking the email box, flicking open the iphone and generally not paying attention to the present moment and the present place. The article did not offer a solution. :-)
    Please enter me in your draw. avaldal @

  3. I've experienced the same frustrations. How do I balance avoiding the waste of time and an author's need to build a community of readers?

    I love the idea of a thoroughly Aussie series. Your prologue makes me want to read more. Please enter me in your drawing.

    leanne at leannehardy dot net.

  4. Paula, Alice and Leanne, it's comforting to know others like you are also struggling with the same distractions.
    I haven't offered a solution because I believe each of us will have to work this out with the Lord's help. Maybe it's a case of strictly working within certain time slots?

  5. Hi Rita,
    thanks for your post, I know the problem and and hope o be more disciplined in 2012

  6. Oh yes, me too, Jen! Just got to get more iron into my will.

  7. Oh I so know what you mean. I'm convinced that if only I could resist the urge to "check" email before settling into write I'd have a whole new book written! For me a check is never a check - it's a oh must reply to this person, oh and that article looks interesting and oh that reminds me I really need to pay that bill.. and bam the hour I had for writing has gone without the manuscript even being opened!

  8. Plus you have a darlin' lil babe to take care of, Kara. Give him a squishy hug from me!

  9. Been there, done that, know exactly how you feel. Still struggling with these distractions. I should be writing something but I feel compelled to comment on your excellent blog post. What does that say?
    cindyshuff (at)comcast (dot) net

  10. I think you hit on my solution... priorities, ah but then sticking to them is the problem. I love the sound of your new series, Australia is always fascinating!

    worthy2bpraised at gmail dot com

  11. As a member of the 'Frustrated Writers' Club' I desire to opt out and join the 'Fulfilled and Pain Free Writers' club.' However at every attempt to find where it meets I am frustrated. So I guess I'll have to join Rita and others and try and turn frustration into instruction and construction. Trouble is, I get frustrated when it doesn't happen quickly. Thanks Rita for helping us to know we are not alone.
    Ray Hawkins.

  12. You are so right, Rita. It's so easy to get distracted. That's one of the reasons I have not gone near Twitter or Facebook. Thanks for the reminder about priorities.Sounds a good idea for 2012 and like you, I believe it is something we each need to work out with God. It's not one size fits all.

  13. Oh, Jubilee, Merry & Ray I have to admit I'm not going cold turkey, but I am gradually letting go of unnecessary time wasters and that's a start!

  14. Try again. How funny I posted a comment yesterday but it did not appear. Can agree with some of those frustrations, Rita. Thanks.

  15. One way to overcome the problem if you have a laptop, Rita, is to take yourself and your laptop somewhere where you don't have internet access! I did this around this time last year and managed to get quite a bit of writing done. The downside is I spent twice as much time when I came home catching up on emails etc! God bless.

  16. It sure looks like we writers all possess that Achilles' heel. I don't actually write on my laptop, Jo, as I'm nervous about losing my work. I was in touch with a Queensland writer who just had a computer crash and she lost her whole book. I really feel for her. I write on an older computer that's not connected to the net. Of course there's a lot of programs out there that'll help us, but I don't want a nasty virus to even breath on my work!
    BTW, Dale, you may have forgotten to sign in & that's happened to me a couple of times.

  17. Oh yes, Rita. What an appropriate post for the start of a new year.On one hand we're told not to get distracted with all the social media "stuff". On the other hand we're reminded to market, market, market. What's a writer to do? Of course, we could read a good book . . . like yours. Please include me in your draw! Thank you - and a Happy ew Year to you and all other readers. shirley(at)shirleycorder(dot)com.