Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Are we reaching for the moon? Maybe that's how we feel at times! The end result of all our efforts. C'mon now, let's be honest, aren't we expecting the impossible?

It sure seems like it at times. But we keep on hoping and climbing and working and praying that the Lord will bless our efforts. We all have those dreams and desires whatever they may be. Some may be too secret to share with anyone, but our very closest friend. Yet the Lord knows the deep desires in the hearts of His children. And he knows exactly how He should answer our prayers.

Trouble is, He doesn't answer quick enough when we absolutely know we MUST have an answer as soon as possible! However, looking back on some of the prayers I've felt so sure that the Lord would answer in the positive, I am so grateful that He did not answer in the way I had hoped for! Sometimes quite the opposite!

We don't have the advantage of seeing the beginning from the end as does our heavenly Father. And naturally that makes us impatient. But that's also when we have the privilege of exercising our faith in Him to do more than we could ever ask or think, whichever way He answers.

As an author  I have waited nearly two years now for a couple of proposals to be accepted by publishers. And I only heard recently that the British program I use was not compatible with Word Doc. Those proposals could not be read by US publishers. And after all my prayers for a successful outcome! Failure? Humanly speaking, yes. But while I was waiting, I kept improving the manuscripts and felt maybe I'd sent them too early. So when I heard about this, I was able to send them again in an updated version. 

The Lord knew it wasn't the right time for them to be read and rejected. So, now I have hope again. And better still, I know that my work is, after all, in the Lord's hands, whether accepted by publishers or not. And that's a calming place to be.

Like the trick shot of the fellow reading by the light of the moon, I'm relaxing in the knowledge that the whole time spent writing and rewriting has not been a waste, but a learning experience. And I thank the Lord for that.

So whatever I'm involved in now and in the future, I know that my everyday life and my dreams are safe.

* Rita Stella Galieh has just had SIGNED SEALED DELIVERED, book I of a trilogy published by Ark House Press. She will soon be leaving for a month's ministry in Thailand. She also enjoys sharing true life stories on her blog at http://inspirationalromance.blogspot.com


  1. Thanks for this interesting post, Rita. I'm sure we do sometimes tend to reach for the moon and it's really helpful to reflect on times when God's timing has been different to ours, to help us keep the right perspective.
    I love those photos too.

  2. "Keeping the right perspective". That's so right, Paula. And so easy to slip out of that and into a muddled perspective. Like Martha trying her best, it's taking me a lifetime to learn!

  3. Rita, thanks for your encouraging post :) It can be hard to wait on His perfect timing.