Monday, October 17, 2011

An International Heart for Christ

I just returned from taping a couple of international television shows and then teaching at a writers' conference--something I always enjoy. This particular conference, unlike most I teach, was not a Christian conference, though I met many fellow believers in attendance. I was especially pleased to connect with believers from other countries and know they shared a common passion to preach and teach via the written word.

As part of that conference I had the opportunity to sit on a panel about "Christian and Inspirational Writing." We had a full room for the event, and the listeners were quite enthusiastic to hear how they can better fulfill their calling by learning not only more about writing, but also about publishing and marketing. I was overjoyed to realize that writers are beginning to explore writing venues other than books as a means for getting the word out and spreading the message, as we never want to forget the powerful outreach of articles and short stories.

I suppose what blessed me most, however, was the reminder that although we may never have met someone before, if we share the same faith we are immediately connected. If we also share a passion for writing, then it is a double blessing.

God is calling and gifting and raising up writers around the globe to "go into all the world and preach the gospel." What a privilege to be counted among them!


  1. Indeed. Faith + writing = double blessing. Well said.

  2. Neat that a mainstream conference had a panel on Christian and Inspirational Writing. Great opportunity for you to connect and represent the Lord.