Friday, September 16, 2011

DEVOTION: What Is Your Song?- Jennifer Ann

Our lives, what we say and do, are like a song to the Lord and to those that we live and work alongside. Recently I was challenged by my husband that perhaps my “song” had a few too many grouchy and unthankful notes. At first I was quite hurt. After all, what did he know of waiting? And as writers we sure do a lot of waiting. Waiting for editing, waiting for publishers, waiting for marketing opportunities  . . . And of course outside the realm of writing there is much in life that can perhaps sour us.

Because I consider myself to be a realist, if there are problems or hardships I acknowledge them and never pretend otherwise. But as the Holy Spirit led me to think about my life, I realized my husband had been right. Sure there are many things I would change—waiting is definitely one of them. But what about all the things I could and should be thankful for? Weren’t they real too? The scripture says that it is God’s will for us to praise Him (1 Thessalonians 5:18). Where were the many thankful and joyful cadences that I could express in the midst of the difficulties?

Our pastor challenges us at the beginning of every meeting to think about what is “new and good” in our lives. Before long we see where God has walked with us through the day. We understand where He has shown us grace and mercy and$ where He has strengthened us in hard times. He shows us that no matter the circumstances, our greatest joy is being loved and loving Him. As sons and daughters of God we can always be thankful that we are in relationship with Him and that heaven is a real place where we will be with Jesus some day.

As the psalmist says “It is good to give thanks to the Lord…to declare Thy loving kindness in the morning and Thy faithfulness by night" (Psalm 92:1,2, NASV).

It is good. And God is helping me change my daily song to one of praise to Him. So today I am thankful that all my family love Jesus, that we have food and clothes and that Jesus promises to never leave us. I am thankful that He gives us great beauty like the lorikeets perched on our balcony for us to enjoy. You know, when you get started the list is quite wonderfully endless.

How would your friends and family describe your daily song? What is “good and new” in your life that you can thank God for?

Heavenly Father, May we praise you for the way that you work in each of our lives, may we trust you for the trying times knowing that you have promised to bring good out of even the bad circumstances (Romans 8: 28). May our “song” be a melody of praise that all may see your greatness and faithfulness. Amen

Jennifer Ann was born in Australia and spent a number of years in East Africa with her family where her parents were medical missionaries. She trained as a registered nurse, attended Bible College and then lived in West Africa as a missionary. For more information about Jennifer Ann or her book please go to


  1. Lovely idea to live our lives as a song to God. Don't be too hard on yourself re the grouchy notes. A song in a minor key can be beautiful too. :-)

  2. Thanks Alice,
    For the encouragement.
    Jennifer ann

  3. Husbands, bless them, have a way of pointing that sort of thing out to us. I'd like more sweet notes in my song too, thanks :)

  4. Hi Paula,
    I know, I then realized that sometimes I am not as open to correction as maybe God would like me to be.
    Jennifer Ann

  5. Two songs from the hymnal spring immediately to mind. "Great Is Thy Faithfulness" and "Near to the Heart of God."

    Those have comforted me in some really hard times. There is a newer one that says "I will offer up the sacrifice of praise." Sometimes it is a sacrifice to praise when the world seems to be going all haywire. But if you offer that sacrifice, you draw near to the throne of God. And suddenly all the rest seems to vanish like smoke in the wind. He is our All in All.

    What a beautiful reminder from one so young. Thank you for a rich post.

  6. Hi Judith,
    Thanks for your post you have really captured the essence of what God has been teaching me and with His help I'm going to keep learning. I must say I do love those hymns you mentioned, I'll have to look up the last one though.
    Jennifer Ann

  7. wow! that was beautiful! and the list is "wonderfully endless" -thanks

  8. Thank you,
    You encouraged my day.
    Jennifer Ann