Friday, August 12, 2011


As people who love Jesus it is important for us to follow Him and desire His will for our lives. Sometimes in life, it is clear what God wants us to do or where He wants us to be and at other times where He leads us can seem confusing and even hurtful.

One of the verses that the Holy Spirit has ministered to me in the more painful times is Psalm 142:3 “When my spirit was overwhelmed within me, Thou knewest my path.” {NASV}

What does this tell me? No matter what you or I are going through, no matter how difficult, God has trodden the path ahead of us and He walks beside us. He knows how we feel and He deeply cares. Your circumstances may threaten to overcome you but they will never overcome God. 

Let me share with you some of my own journey.

When going to the mission field my husband knew what his job would be but I had no idea how God would use me. I imagined many wonderful and useful occupations but as a mother of small children, God made it clear that for the stability and nurturing of the family they were to be my priority. At times I felt great frustration as I saw the needs around me but I knew that God was saying, “ Just wait. ” 

As the children grew and went to school I had some free time. To my delight God brought women from a nomadic tribal group to my doorstep and they would visit me when they travelled to and from market. By Gods’ enabling I shared deeply with them about the God who loves them and they appeared to be very receptive to Gods’ grace.

To my dismay, when I returned from furlough the group had completely disappeared from our area and there was no way to regularly contact these women. I was back to square one. What did God want me to do now?

As a nurse I went to a hospital to volunteer. I had my doubts that this would work out but trusting God I went to see what He would do. There I met obstetric fistula patients for the first time and had the immense privilege of working with them through health education and vocational training. They were so desperate when they appeared at the clinic but were transformed by the surgery and the love and attention of the hospital staff. I felt settled and happy but unexpectedly God moved us on from Africa through the frightening trauma of armed robbers entering the compound where we lived.

Back in Australia we tried to figure out what the purpose of God was in all this. Some things I can understand but other circumstances are unfathomable to me but I took great comfort in this verse. He knows the plan when I don’t.

Finally, I could feel God prompting me to write a book, for perhaps I could do more here to help these women who suffer from obstetric fistula problems, than I could while in Africa. So in faith I have written the book “Broken Pottery – the life of an African girl” and hope and pray that it will achieve all that God intends.

Perhaps you are also in strange and trying circumstances may I encourage you to keep trusting because your heavenly Father knows where He is leading you. I’d love to hear your story.

Jennifer Ann was born in Australia and spent a number of years in East Africa with her family where her parents were medical missionaries. She trained as a registered nurse, attended Bible College and then lived in West Africa as a missionary. For more information about Jennifer Ann or her book please go to


  1. Hi Jennifer Ann, I'm looking forward to reading that book. You're right, not knowing God's plan for each of us as perfectly as He does sure keeps us wondering, but retrospect is a great thing when we look back and see.

  2. greetings from the Amish community of Lebanon,Pa. Richard from Amish Stories.

  3. It´s true. A book let you touch a lot of people. This is one of the wonderful things books can do.

  4. What a huge need you can expose people to with your book. Praise God.