Sunday, June 5, 2011


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Christine Lindsay: Book Review - Freedom's Stand by Jeanette Windle


Rita Galieh: Theme - Takes Some Thinking Through!


Valerie Comer: Review, Interview & Giveaway - An Uncommon Crusade by Caron Guillo


Mary Hawkins

Friday Devotion

Raymond N. Hawkins: Bitten!


Contest Giveaway Winners

Suzie Johnson is the winner of Roseanna White's book, Jewel of Persia (Narelle's post, May 30)

Apologies for the week’s delay on announcing the winner of The Alarmists by Don Hoesel. Congratulations to Jessie Gunderson – looks like you’ve got your brother’s birthday gift. Hope you both enjoy it. I’ll be contacting you by email this week to get your postal details. Enjoy the read, and hope you’ll grant us a book review later. Marion (May 17 post)

Congratulations to all our winners!


Contest News

Lisa Harris' book, Blood Ransom, is a 2011 Christy Award nominee in the Contemporary Romance category - congrats Lisa!

Harry Kraus' book, The Six-Liter Club, is a finalist in the Faith, Hope & Love Inspirational Chapter of RWA's 2011 Inspirational Readers Choice Award in the Long Contemporary category - congrats Harry!

Kathi Macias' book, Red Ink, is a finalist in the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association's 2011 Golden Scroll Book of the Year Award in the fiction category - congrats Kathi!

Jeanette Windle's book, Freedom's Stand, is a finalist in the Advanced Writers & Speakers Association's 2011 Golden Scroll Book of the Year Award in the fiction category - congrats Jeanette!


New Book Releases

Jo-Anne Berthelsen's book, Helena's Legacy, will be a June 2011 release from Ark House Press.

Doctor Susan Curtis faces the birth of her first child alone, bitter at being rejected by her fiancé and family. She begins her own reluctant journey towards God, but it is not until she comes to know Heléna Hajek and to trust her that she is able even to consider forgiving those who let her down. Heléna desires to make a real difference in the lives of Susan’s whole family as well as that of her good friends Ben and Marie. But how can she best help them? And what lasting legacy can she leave behind for each of them?


Upcoming Book Releases

Nick Daniels' thriller set in the Middle East, The Jihad's Messiah, Book 1 in the Jihad series, will be a September 2011 release from Risen Books.

Rita Galieh's book, Signed, Sealed and Delivered, will be a September 2011 release from Ark House Press.

Kathi Macias has a Freedom series involving human trafficking coming soon from New Hope Publishers. Deliver Me from Evil (September 2011) is set in San Diego, CA. and the Golden Triangle area of Thailand; Special Delivery (January 2012); The Deliverer (April 2012).

Kathi Macias' Christmas themed book, A Christmas Journey Home, set in Arizona and Ensenada, Mexico, will be an October 2011 release from New Hope Publishers.

To find more International Christian Fiction books, please visit our Recent Releases page, Backlist Titles page and our International Christian Fiction wiki.

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