Sunday, March 13, 2011


Coming Up This Week


Christine Lindsay: Book Review - Yesterday's Tomorrow by Catherine West


Mary Hawkins: Australian Author Paula Vince and book giveaway


Valerie Comer: Review, Interview & Giveaway - Love Finds You in Prince Edward Island, Canada by Susan Page Davis


Rita Galieh

Friday Devotion

Shirley Corder: A Boat in the Karoo?


Contest Giveaway Winners

Peg is the winner of Dale Cramer's book, Paradise Valley (LeAnne's post, March 2)

Ruth Ann is the winner of Maureen Lang's book, Springtime of the Spirit (Narelle's post, March 7)

Linda is the winner of Lisa Harris' book, An Ocean Away (Lisa's post, March 8)

Congratulations to all our winners!


New Book Releases

Catherine West's debut novel, Yesterday's Tomorrow, set in Vietnam, is a March 2011 release from Oak Tara Publishers.

Lisa Harris' historical, An Ocean Away, set in Africa and New York in the early 1920's, is a March 2011 release from Summerside Press.


Upcoming Book Releases

Kathi Macias' contemporary set in Saudi Arabia, People of the Book, Book Four in the Extreme Devotion series, will be an April 2011 release from New Hope Publishers. Forced to choose between family and faith, her choice may also become life and death.

Tessa Stockton's book, The Unforgivable, Book One in the Wounds of South America series, will be an April 2011 release from Risen Books.

Mary Hawkins' contemporary set in Australia, Justice at Baragula, Book Three in the Baragula series, will be a May 2011 release from Ark House Press.

Jeanette Windle's contemporary set in Afghanistan, Freedom's Stand, the sequel to Veiled Freedom, will be a May 2011 release from Tyndale.

Jo-Anne Berthelsen's book, Helena's Legacy, will be a June 2011 release from Ark House Press.

Christine Lindsay's historical set in India circa 1919, Shadowed in Silk, will be a Summer 2011 release from Whitefire Publishing.

Kathi Macias has a Freedom series involving human trafficking coming soon from New Hope Publishers. Deliver Me from Evil (October 2011); Special Delivery (January 2012); The Deliverer (April 2012).

To find more International Christian Fiction books, please visit our Recent Releases page, Backlist Titles page and our International Christian Fiction wiki.

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