Friday, February 11, 2011

DEVOTION: Declaring His Glory - Kathi Macias

The heavens declare the glory of God… (Psalm 19:1).

            Though I had picked up a few verses of scripture along the way, because I wasn’t raised in a Christian home I had never spent any actual time studying or memorizing the Bible. In fact, I often confused Bible verses with other familiar sayings and axioms. (I honestly thought “cleanliness is next to godliness” was in the Bible!)
            When I became a believer on July 5, 1974, however, I set out on a quest to learn about this bestselling book of all time, authored by the Creator Himself. The very first chapter I studied and memorized was Psalm 19 because that’s what was being discussed in my first-ever adult Sunday school class. I was awestruck at the majesty of the words, as well as their far-reaching implications. If the heavens really do declare the glory of God, then mankind is most certainly without excuse for not serving Him. What a mind-blowing revelation that was after spending twenty-six years ignoring the One who held my very life in His hands!
            Even now I consider how many of my friends and family members are racing toward eternity without having given a thought to the Judge of the universe, before whom they will soon stand to give an account. Will they be asked to justify their actions, to explain their sins, to show that their “good deeds” have outweighed the bad? I don’t believe so. But I do believe they will have to answer for why they rejected the One whose glory is declared in the heavens and who paid the supreme price to extend the offer of forgiveness and restored relationship to any who would receive it.
            And for that question, sadly, there will be no answer, no excuse, no second chance.
            Today, when we look into the heavens and see God’s glory openly declared, let’s pray together that others around us will also look heavenward and catch a glimpse of that same glory—in the skies, yes, but also in our lives. Let’s pray too that they will then feel drawn to come to us and ask about the One whose glory shines through us. For God didn’t extend His heavenly glory so we might keep it to ourselves, but rather that we might share it with everyone whose heart is being drawn by the Father.
            May we ever declare His glory, even as the heavens above us!

Kathi Macias is a wife, mother, grandmother, and great-grandmother—as well as an “occasional radio host” and an award-winning author of more than thirty books, including her popular international Extreme Devotion fiction series from New Hope Publishers. Thank you for sharing your devotions with us through this column, Kathi.


  1. Good reminder Kathi, thank you. How often we take the magnificence of the night sky for granted. And He made us? Wow!!!

  2. Absolutely on target! You brought to mind the piece called "The Heavens Are Telling" from Hayden's oratorio "The Creation." You can hear it here: