Wednesday, February 2, 2011

BLOOD RANSOM - Giveaway for two great books!

Many years ago I had contact with LISA HARRIS through us both being members of American Christian Fiction Writers . Then my husband and I were preparing to go on our third short term mission trip to Africa. At that time Lisa and her husband were American missionaries in Johannesburg. When Lisa heard we would have a night stop-over between Australia and Ghana, she offered three Aussie strangers beds for that night. That alone shows the heart of this Lisa Harris who for many years has longed to have a book set in Africa published.

Ray and I learned to love so many dear African Christians on our trips to first East Africa and then on that later trip to Ghana. I have enjoyed every book Lisa has written and was absolutely thrilled when I heard that Zondervan Publishers had contracted Lisa for her book, Blood Ransom.  She has an excellent book trailer on her website about this book that shows just a little of this “powerful thriller about the modern-day slave trade and those who dare to challenge it.” Do click on her name above to take you to her website.

This book shows only too clearly the horror of what can happen to Africans in parts of modern Africa today. It is so obvious to me that Lisa has written about Africans from her heart of love for them. Her descriptions of African life are so true and real there were times emotions whelmed up in me at the thought of dear people such as we have met suffering so sadly from unscrupulous evil men in this 21st century Africa.

Like myself, Lisa enjoys romance in her books and there is certainly that also in this exciting story. Two American aid workers learn about love and more about our faithful God as they put their own lives at risk to fight for the lives of the family of one young African boy traumatised by what he has seen happen in his village to those he loves.
This is one book not to miss!

It was so powerfully written it brought tears to my eyes and anger to my heart for those humans who let evil consume them and eventually destroy even their own lives. But then joy came too at the reminder that there are good men too who are prepared to sacrifice everything in God’s battle against evil, even their own lives. They remind us all of “the even greater sacrifice made by Jesus Christ” who has given up His life so that we might have abundant life. But there's more!!

When I finished reading it I was just so very, very thankful it is only Book One in her Mission Hope series. Do make sure you do not miss either Blood Ransom or Lisa’s latest book set in Africa, Blood Covenant. This is being released this very month of February!
On Lisa’s blog 
she tells us, “Together with my wonderful publisher and publicist, we'll be hosting a lot of book giveaways and really cool prizes from the Heart of Africa to promote the book in the coming weeks, so stay tuned!”

However, just in case any reader has missed reading Book One, BLOOD RANSOM, I would like to give a copy to someone who is a "Follower" of this ICFW blog and also leaves a comment after this post.


BE ONE OF THE FIRST TO READ a copy also of BLOOD COVENANT! Do check out the trailer on Lisa's blog!
There will be a second draw for it! Two chances to win a book!  
Lisa will send you a signed copy of BLOOD COVENANT if you enter the draw for the books! Do make sure you follow the instructions above to join in the draw! Remember you do need to be a Follower on the International Christian Fiction blog as well as leave a comment. So, if you are not one already, become a Follower today!

And please remember the time zone differences! Enter before February Friday 11th 12.05 am US Pacific time and 7pm Australian Eastern Standard time on Thursday February 10th.PLEASE return to check out the winner so an email can be sent to me at with contact details.


  1. Hi Mary
    Sounds like a good read and the trailer looks great. I think I might have to go out and purchase a copy soon!
    Marg H

  2. Would love to win Lisa Harris' book. Haven't read any to date! Please enter me. Trailer is great.

    I'm a follower by GFC.

    desertrose5173 at gmail dot com

  3. Thank you so much for this great introduction to Lisa and her books. Now I know who has been giving me all the great tech support as a brand new ICFW blogger.

    Lisa your books look wonderful. I would be thrilled to win one if you're willing to mail to the US.

  4. Margaret, if you are - or become now - a "follower" of this blog you are in the draw for one of the books. If you miss out, I do agree - you have to purchase a copy!

  5. You are in the draw, Linda!
    Donna, I will be mailing Blood Ransome from Australia to the winner and Lisa has said she will mail Book Two to the second draw winner.

  6. Thanks, Mary, for bringing this great book to our attention! Look forward to seeing it in print:-)

  7. I would love to be in the draw, Mary.
    Though living in Australia now, I am originally from Africa, so am always drawn to books about, or set in Africa.

    I am a new 'follower' though have been reading the ICFW website for a while now, and so enjoy it.

    Blessings and many thanks.


  8. Thank you for your comment, Wendy. Yes, it is a greatbook and I know the quality of Lisa's writing and I can't wait to read Book Two!

  9. So glad you've become a "follower" Mandy, and welcome to the blog! I would love you to contact me sometime here in Tasmania. We know several folk from different parts of Africa.

  10. Hi Mary and Lisa,
    I don't need to be in the draw as I already have the book. I'd just like to endorse, as one who also lives on the African continent, that this is a fabulous book. It has a strong story, characters you have to love - or hate - and a romance thrown in. I really recommend you ALL get to read this book, so make sure you're a follower and leave a comment!
    Like Mary, I can't wait to read Book Two.

  11. Shirl, if you don't have Blood Covenant too you are in the draw!

  12. Oh YEAH! I thought the draw was just for Blood Ransom. No, I don't have Blood Covenant and would LOVE it. Thanks for puting my name in the draw.

  13. Thanks so much to Mary and her sweet comments on this post. I appreciate your spreading the word about this series that is very close to my heart. Thanks to the rest of you for stopping by!

  14. Ooh.. ooh... I've not read Blood Covenant, and I can't wait. Thanks Mary for the great article.
    Blood Ransom was so good! Lisa, I hope you keep the best-sellers coming (and if it’s not a best-seller yet, I pray it will be soon).

  15. Thanks for your kind comments about Blood Ransom. Can't wait to hear what you think about book two!

  16. Thanks for the interesting blog, Mary.

    Lisa it's great to hear that your books are doing so well. Any chance of a launch here in South Africa?

  17. would love to read 'blood covenant' thanks for the chance :)

    kmkuka at yahoo dot com

  18. Ruth, you asked about a launch in South Africa. I was blessed to be able to visit my publisher, Zondervan, while in Grand Rapids in November and there happened to be two distributers there from South Africa. I was able to meet them and speak to them about the possibility of doing some promoting once I am back in SA. So we will see. I'd love to do something like that.

  19. Congratulations to the winners!
    Marg won Blood Ransome
    David won Blood covenant