Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Happy Anniversary to Us

One year and one day ago, on November 1 2009, Lisa Harris posted the first article on our new blog: International Christian Fiction Writers

She said, "I’m so excited for the chance to welcome you to our brand new blog! If you love exploring the world though the pages of a great book, then you’ve found the right place. Whether it’s romantic tales from the Austrailian outback, life in nineteenth century London, or heart-stopping suspense in Africa, we love to write them and read them."

Have we lived up to those expectations?

Well, you tell me.

Over the past year, we have told you about new books of every possible genre, but all with the one common thread: They're all Christian based. We've also covered a spread of countries across the world--and even moved further afield.

We've traveled to Outer Space!

Authors have told you about books available in the genre of Inspirational Science Fiction.

(You can read more about any of these books by clicking on the pictures. Don't forget to come back though!)

We've shared exciting stories based on periods of history . . .

. . .  given you the opportunity to read about fiction novels based way back in history . . .

. . . and included a number of historical romances.

We've also told you about a book suitable for juveniles and some for children.

In introducing the writers of this blog, Lisa said: "We’re currently twenty-one authors, both published and unpublished, from around the globe. We write everything from romance, to sci-fi, to suspense, to women's fiction, but we share a passion for writing fiction for His glory with an international flare."

In keeping with this statement, we have taken you to countries and lands across the globe. We've offered you books about . . .

Bonny Scotland . . .  

. . . and the Outback of Australia,

From the secrecy of Afghanistan

. . . to the intrigue of Africa

and many other countries.

Lisa also promised "interviews, book reviews, stories of our writing journeys, cultural items, news, photos, giveaways, and more!"

We've offered you many book reviews and giveaways. (Watch this month for extra giveaways to celebrate our anniversary month.)  We've offered you cultural items, news and photographs, such as:

a group of aspiring Christian writers in Kenya . . .

. . .and the excitement of the FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

We've also done interviews of many authors, both well-known and not-so-well known. Again, they all have one united purpose: to glorify the Lord through their writing. 

Many of the authors live in America but write about other countries. Many of them are regular writers on this blog who live in lands scattered across the globe. Other authors interviewed live in distant lands, including Kay Marshall Strom, David Ferreira (S.Africa), Kirk Outerbridge (Bermuda), Anita Mae Draper (Canada), Sean Young (England - ex S.Africa) and others.

So, I ask you again, readers and writers, Have we lived up to those expectations? 

Please answer the question in the comment box below, and while you're here--wish us a Happy Anniversary! 

We're happy. We hope you are too.


  1. Yay! ICFW definitely lived up to expectations!

    Thank you for showing us a few of the highlights of the year, Shirl.

    Well done ICFWers and Happy Anniversary!

  2. happy Blogversary! :)

    hope ya have many more!

  3. Well done, Shirl. Great overview of our year. There has been so much packed into the last twelve months, I'm surprised we've been in the 'sphere for only one year.
    Here's to many more.

  4. What a great look back at our first year, Shirl! And thanks so much to our ICFW team who's really stepped up with excitement and passion as they share their love for books, cultures, and interesting settings.

    Make sure you stop back for lots of free giveaways this month!

  5. Happy Anniversary to you all! Thank you for a great website which I love to come to each day. Your articles are enjoyable, informative and inspirational.
    Blessings as you continue to do God's work.


  6. Thanks for this summary, Shirley. You remind me of some books I intended to read and haven't yet gotten to! May we continue to grow in the coming year.

  7. Shirl, thanks for giving us a whirlwind tour of blog highlights from the past year :) Happy Anniversary!

  8. So glad to hear folk are enjoying our blog and to think it's been a whole year. Amazing! So dear writers & followers from all over the world...have a Happy Anniversary! And God bless all of you.

  9. Hard to believe it has been a year! And here we are! A great look back and reminder of the exciting things to come for iCFW! Thanks, Shirl!

  10. Thanks so much for that year-in-a-nutshell, Shirl! Awesome job putting it all together. And yay for international Christian fiction!

  11. Congratulations ICFW! The blogs have been interesting and diverse. A big thank you to the team behind this blog. Without you we wouldn't have this special place in cyberspace. May the year ahead be filled with as much passion and interest that this one has. Blessings to all those behind the scenes.