Thursday, September 2, 2010

Three "Demned Ds" by Rita Stella Galieh

I'll name them. Discouragement, Disappointment, & Depression.
I guess everyone who has ever lived has experienced their awful see-saw effect in their lives. Often it's when circumstances or grief overwhelms us. Or when things we hoped and planned for never eventuate. Maybe it's the downside of creeping depression. Perhaps the weight of disappointment dragging at us. Sometimes it's hormonal. Whatever. Each has the ability to crush us, body, soul, and spirit.
You just want to curl up and go to sleep. Or eat fast food or chocolate - a quick hit. Or wish for a dream holiday to escape reality for a time. This is when you need someone you can trust. Someone who won't think you're wallowing in self pity. Someone who understands perfectly, even before you can get the words out. And most of all, someone who won't judge.
If you have a friend like that, cherish them. But are they on call every hour of the day?
Oh, friends, you do have someone. Maybe someone you've been holding at arm's length for too long. Check this out for yourself. And if, after reading Psalm 139, your heart doesn't respond, read it again until it sinks in. Then believe it and hold onto this wonderful truth for all its worth.
Who else could know you better then you know yourself?
I have several booklet titles on Discouragement & Depression, and Loneliness. Perhaps you have a friend needing some encouragement, if so, leave a request in your comment & I'll post them to you gratis. May God bless you.

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