Thursday, September 30, 2010

Survey results!

Thanks so much to all of you who participated in our reader survey! With a growing number of readers, I found it interesting to hear what you had to say. Today, I’ll share with you a quick breakdown of people’s answers.

*Most of you found out about our site on line.

*64% of you are writers, 44% of you are published, and the majority are writing primarily historicals, children, YA, Romance, and women’s fiction.

*What do you prefer reading? 50% enjoy woman’s fiction. Historical and romance tied at 36%, and suspense was next at 21%. (You could vote for as many genres as you wanted)

*Our average reader reads 4 books per month and overall, setting isn’t as important as the characters and story.

*The geographical spread of our readers is literally from all over the world which is exciting. Readers who participated were from the USA, Australia, Zambia, Canada, Ireland, and Croatia, and 86% have traveled outside their home country.

The three top subjects readers enjoy seeing on our posts are writing related posts, author interviews, and book review.

That’s it in a nutshell! Thanks so much to those who participated in helping us out with the survey. We look forward to another year of sharing more about writing, travel, culture, and books.

Be blessed,

Lisa Harris


  1. Thanks for the survey results, Lisa. It will be helpful in designing our posts to know what our readers enjoy most.

  2. Interesting that so many are writers. There is potential for a writing community.