Thursday, August 26, 2010

ISS: International Space Story - Alpha Redemption by P.A. Baines

No, not the International Space Station, though that might be fodder for another post :) Today I'm going to introduce you to a fabulous book I'm publishing and that I'm really excited about. It is the fifth book to be published through my own Splashdown Books, and the fifth author I contracted.

I came upon this tale when it was entered in the Marcher Lord Select contest last year. It didn't win, sadly, but I got in touch with the author and asked if I could read the manuscript. He said yes, for which I am very grateful, and the rest is history. I don't just like this book. I love it very much.

From despair he fled, through tragedy he lived on, and journeyed to innocence. 
His trajectory: the stars. His companion: a computer poised at the brink of sentience. 
An unlikely friendship on a prototype spaceship at lightspeed towards Alpha Centauri, and redemption.

So what makes this an International story? Well, the author, P.A. Baines, is an Englishman educated in South Africa and living in Holland. And in the book, the main character, Brett, is an Englishman living in the USA - at least, until he sets off on his space journey.

I won't try and review it; that would be biased. But let me say that I am publishing it because I can stand behind it fully and completely. It has true depth of character and emotion, as well as humour and a very personal touch.

Alpha Redemption is now available for pre-order at Splashdown Books. There is going to be an online book launch chat party on Saturday September 4th (or variously depending on your time zone!), where one lucky attendee will win a copy. More details on that can be found on the Facebook event page. If you sign up there I'll be sure and remind you closer to the time.

And just for you readers of this International blog, we'll do another giveaway right here next week, so watch out for that along with a review. You can read more reviews on the pre-order page linked above.

Come join us on a most unusual space journey that takes Brett not only to Alpha Centauri, but deep inside himself and his past...


  1. Oh, my goodness! What a wonderful blog! Thank you for telling me about it, Ruth Ann! And congratulations on your international space thriller, P. A. We're huge Dr. Who fans and he's pretty internationa, putting it mildly.

    I can't tell you how at-home I feel just seeing the listing of all your international Christian fiction writers! God bless us everyone.

  2. Thank you for visiting our blog, Donna.

    Grace, Alpha Redemption sounds like a fascinating read.