Monday, August 30, 2010

GIANT HARVEST--By Christine Lindsay

It happened just as we prayed. Don’t you just love that when it happens? It doesn’t always, but man . . . when it does . . . .

I was there to see a Guinness World record beaten. On a quarter section—for the non-farmer-type reader that means a quarter of a square mile— I saw 200 giant, gleaming combines harvest wheat in record time. The event was so big that Guinness sent not one of the regular people out to judge, but one of their main administrators.

It was a hot August day under a clear, cerulean sky. And this Canadian felt pride in the size of the golden wheat field around me. To me that represented a lot of bread baskets--a lot of food for empty stomachs.

I also felt joy to see the various Christian communities from this small prairie town come together in support of the event. You talk of old fashioned barn raisings—this was bigger.

Over 200 farmers gave up their time out of a busy harvest season. Many local businessmen in southern Manitoba, Canada, gave of their product and time to cultivate, plant, and nurture this wheat field.

I felt goosebumps as I watched the mammoth combines, in two steady rows of 100 combines each, roll in an unwavering line to meet in the center of the section. And my heart rejoiced with these God-loving prairie people.

The event began with a group of farmers singing our national anthem--Oh Canada--and then heading out to their machines. Three yellow crop-duster planes flew in formation over the field. Several helicopters and two other visiting planes also flew overhead. The Lord even sent a gentle breeze to blow the chaff away so that the spectators weren't covered in dust. A petting zoo entertained the children, and Christian music entertained everyone.

It was a great day. And it all happened because of the love of hundreds of volunteers who want to make a difference in the world, folks who want to feed the souls of the spiritually starving with the Bread of Life—Jesus Christ. But why would simple, Christian farmers go to the bother of breaking a world record? Why work so hard for 15 minutes of fame?

A Christian organization I’m associated with arranged this huge fund raiser. I’m not naming or promoting this group on this website, because most of the writers on this forum are involved in ministries all over the world.

But for all of us in the Lord’s service, it’s good to share when the sun breaks through the clouds of struggle, hard work, and months and years on our knees praying for something. In each of our own ministries and our work, it’s good to be reminded that God does allow our plans to succeed . . . more often than not.

God couldn't have provided a more perfect day for our event that brought in over 10 thousand spectators, TV stations, radio stations, newspapers, and dignitaries. So that on this past August 6th, the Lord graciously rewarded this ministry I associate with. It was especially sweet when many of us remembered the faith-testing disappointments of a day back in 2006 when they attempted the same thing, and did not receive the prize.

It just goes to prove that when we step out in faith, and our hearts are set on honoring God first, He lovingly rewards that faith.

So I say to you today, Go to it—whatever the Lord has called you to. Though you win no awards on this earth, though no one sees the hard work you put in. The Lord sees, and the Lord will reward.

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  1. Sounds like an awe-inspiring event.

  2. Awesome! What a sight, those rows of combines must have been. Congratulations on making it happen.

  3. Impressive! Congrats on not only hitting the Guinness book but on pulling farmers together and helping to feed the hungry.

  4. Your pictures look impressive! Sounds like quite a day.