Friday, July 9, 2010

DEVOTION: Will it Ever Rain Again?

     I am writing this from a drought-depressed section of South Africa. My husband and I live just four streets from the Indian Ocean. We're surrounded by water! Yet we are currently enduring the worst drought in many years.
     The city where I live has only enough water to last until September. What will happen then? We don't know, and frankly, don't want to think about it. Our gardens are dying, despite the "grey" water rescued from washing machines and used bath water.
     Africa is a land of contrasts. We've just returned from visiting our family in Johannesburg--a mere 14 hours' drive away. Their gardens also struggle to grow. Why? They've had too much water. Many of their plants have drowned. If only they could have sent us some of their rain.
     Some mornings we open the curtains and search the brilliant blue sky for just a trace of cloud. Nothing. When they do make an appearance they seem to bypass our city. On occasions, we've rejoiced as a heavy grey cloud has moved overhead, and pours down a few liters of water on our thirsty land. But before the gardens are even wet, and before it's made any impression on our near-empty dams, the clouds rush off again, and dump thousands of liters of water into the already very wet ocean. Is that fair or what?

Will it ever rain in our city again?

Yes, we're sure it will. In fact, the pessimists among us are already predicting the drought will end with floods.

One day it will rain again. Water will pour from the heavens. Our gardens will recover, and flowers will again bring colour to the barren landscape. Along the beachfront, indigenous plants will transform the seaside with a glorious border of tangled flowers and aloes.

How often we experience droughts of relational problems, spiritual dryness or perhaps ill health. As writers we experience a drought of inspiration and wonder if it'll ever rain ideas again. Yet the God who created us has known us since the moment of our conception. He knows what we need, and He assures us that He will never forget us.

Isaiah: 35:1-4a says "Cheer up! Don't be afraid. Your God is coming . . .” (CEV). So while we wait and pray for the rain -- or an improvement in our relationship, or for healing, or inspiration, let's remember that God is in control. While we wait, let's look for positive action we can take that will remind us of His goodness. Let's look for ways to help or encourage others.

Suggestion: Gather a bunch of flowers, wild if possible, and take them to an old age home or an individual who needs some cheer.

Prayer: God of Creation, as we look at flowers today, may we see your loving hand and provision. Amen.

And remember - the rains will come. Your drought will end. Maybe -- hopefully -- before this devotion appears on the blog!

Question: Are you experiencing a drought in your life right now? Or are you going through a flood? Share with us in a few sentences - then offer up a prayer for those who respond.

Shirley Corder is an RN, a pastor's wife and a cancer survivor. She's had her share of droughts, but the Lord has seen her through them all. Visit Shirley at her website or link with her through Twitter.


  1. Beautiful post! Thank you!!!
    I hope it will rain soon ... God bless you!

  2. I will do a rain dance for you on my forest walk this afternoon (that should wake up the 'natives')! And I like your 'drought' analogies.


  3. Thanks "host" for your comment.
    And LOL! Thanks for the rain dance, Ann. I don't know about waking the natives, but it sure soaked the FIFA spectators and teams at the 3rd & 4th position playoffs here in Port Elizabeth! The heavens opened and our city was deluged - for a few hours. Praise the Lord, and yes it did hit our dams too. But we need a lot more of that so maybe you need to go back to the forest for us. :-)