Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Pleasing the Father

By Nick Daniels

For me, writing fiction has always been a thrilling-and-cheap way to take a break from the world and plunge into the unknown. But I also find a serene peace in playing my guitar and worshiping God.

It’s a strange feeling—and some may call me crazy—but I actually feel that God likes it when I sing to Him. There’s a still small voice inside my head that doesn’t sound like me at all, and that says, “Keep singing, it pleases me.”

The Bible tells about a time when the heavens opened over Jesus, and God the Father spoke, saying, “This is my beloved Son, with whom I am well pleased.” (Matthew 3:17)

The awesomest thing is that the Father is also pleased with the rest of His sons and daughters, not only with the firstborn, Jesus.

Whatever it is that God has gifted you with, know that He takes pleasure in you enjoying your gift—just I rejoiced last week when my son learned to ride his bike without training wheels.

I’m not sure why I’m writing about this today, but perhaps someone needed to hear it (oops, I mean, read it!). Even if you’re facing rejection, ungratefulness and some of the nasty things humans do to us, not so with your heavenly Father. You’re His favorite child (and so am I!).

So, I’ve been playing my guitar more often lately, and even wrote a song. Won’t sing it here, but I can certainly share the lyrics:

For you it was not enough
To free us from our sins
But you decided to
Make us your kings and priests

And in the end, you’ll draw us to you
To live forever
To live for you

So let your kingdom come
And let your will be done
Lord, teach me how to walk
Sharing your precious love

Come live through me, oh Son of God
That I’ll be mistaken
Mistaken for you

/Pour down your power
In this earthen vessel
Shine with your glory
Fill me with your presence/

So get on with it, please your Father.

Nick Daniels is a suspense novelist who enjoys to walk on breezy afternoons, eat ice cream on waffle cones, and pray under a coffee table.


  1. I hope you'll post a video of yourself performing this on You Tube Nick!


  2. Nick, I echo Ann's comment- I'd love to hear you singing this on You Tube.

    Thank you for encouraging me to get on and write.

    Is there a story about praying under a coffee table as per your bio at the end of the blog?

    God bless