Monday, April 12, 2010

My Sydney

I love Sydney. I was born here, studied here, married here and still living here. Our home is in the outer suburbs surrounded with eucalypts which aredaily invaded by parrakeets and great, white, squawking cockatoos.
But if I need to get away from the computer and deadlines, I hop on a train and in 25 mins. I am in Sydney's CBD. This is an exciting place with all its wonderful old buildings. And here's a quick cyber tour.
Just up the hill from the famous Opera House, is Government House, and nearby, the Sydney Conservatorioum of Music. This used to be the govt. stables.
Walk up Macquarie St and Hyde Park awaits. Dedicated for public recreation in 1810, it's the green lungs of the city. The magnificent Archibald Fountain with its bronze statuary is near a huge canopied tree walkway...wonderfully cool on a humid day. At its southern end is the Cenotaph, the very moving War Memorial. Surrounded by more of this gracious architecture we see the Great Synogogue, St. Marys Cathedral, the old army barracks, and the colonial St James Anglican Church.
To view Sydney from the heights, Centrepoint Tower will show you the reaches of our beloved harbour and its well known "coathanger" bridge. And looking closer you'll spy the great verdigris copper domes of the Queen Victoria Building. After falling into disrepair, craftsmen from Europe were imported to faithfully restore it to its previous splendour. Its winding marble staircases and colourful mosaic floors sparkle on several mezzanine floors. Prices are aimed at tourists here, but it's well worth a visit.
Darling Harbour nearby, is another wonderful area with its various parks and a magnificent Chinese Garden. And of course, Chinatown is only a hop, step, and a jump away. A must see.
So, when are you coming Down Under? We're waiting for you.
Rita Galieh
Fire in the Rock Ark House Press


  1. I would love to visit Sydney someday. Thanks for the cyber tour.

  2. And you'd be welcome to pop in & have a coffee with me, LeAnne!
    I forgot to mention, both my husband and son studied violin at the Conservatorium of Music. So all around that area is so familiar.

  3. Rita, I grew up in Sydney (northern beaches) and I wish I was able to visit more often. Thanks for sharing with us today :-)

  4. Wonderful cyber visit to your Sydney, Rita. My best to you. I hope my Clementine is enjoying your country and will transfer her reflections to me via telepathy. :) (What A Christmas!)
    Barbara in Virginia USA

  5. Thanks for the vivid tour of Sydney. I'm still hoping to sing at the opera house! I'm singing in a concert next month. Today, the Lutheran Church, Paris, tomorrow Sydney Opera House?