Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A Home for my Brain

By Grace Bridges

For many years now - as long as I remember, actually - our family has been on the lookout for a house to buy. It almost became a hobby. It does appear to be a national pastime, this moving house business. In New Zealand, the average house-owner sells up and moves on every 5 years.

We never did move, because we liked our own place too much. Then I went globetrotting and was based elsewhere for nearly eight years. More recently I've been on the hunt for a place to call my home. Reading real-estate magazines from cover to cover. Scouring the internet for interesting sales pitches. Spending weekend after weekend looking at houses for sale. Endless questions - how's the price, how's the location, how's the view, could I live here?

Well, all that is done with now. The search is over. I've found a home, and I’m moving in today. Yes, today. <<< That's it over there.

There is a sea view with the ubiquitous volcano on the skyline. In my hideaway at the top I will do my work while listening to the hum of traffic on the main road running above. It's a little on the large side. But I'm already filling it with people. And the timing is perfect: my aunt is going overseas and lending me her furniture instead of putting it in storage.

It won't all be fun. As one friend is fond of saying, 'mortgage' means 'death grip'. And that buck will stop with me if any of the rooms remain empty. That would mean more work for me to cover any deficit. I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime, there’s lots to do! But when it’s all over and done, I’m hopeful that having an inspiring place to work will assist me in getting all my various writing and publishing projects moving faster than they have been.

A workspace is so important. What about you? How do you work best?


  1. Grace, your house looks wonderful - enjoy your sea views as you write :-) My current writing workspace is the table in our family room that looks out over our rose garden - very pretty at the moment with all our roses in full bloom :-)

  2. Congratulations, Grace :)

    I write at work, and I've carved out a comfy though unwindowed corner there. At home, in the room I rarely use, I have a view of my vegetable garden, farmland, and the mountains a few miles away.

  3. We finished a room over the garage that I use for an office. I have been surprised at how "going to work" focuses my mind for just that. Enjoy your sea view!

  4. A sea view - how wonderful! Are you opening a B&B? Can I come visit? ;)
    My office is in our basement - back to back with my husband. We've been church planting for the past 3 years so no church office for him to go to. But we manage.

    Writing on! :)

  5. Visitors welcome! Just ping me :)

  6. Grace, your home is beautiful.
    My work space varies. My desktop pc is in the "study" of our small home, in the same room as my husband's. I enjoy working on that computer but am easily distracted by noises and comments from hubby. I also use my laptop, which is a portable workspace. Less comfortable but I can hide away in the bedroom or lounge and concentrate.

  7. There it is! How lovely. I really envy the crow's nest atop! :~)

    I don't currently have an office space. I did a few years ago, but the renovations have made it really difficult. I did repurpose a desk my sewing machine had inhabited, and put it in the bedroom, so at least I have some kind of kid-free space. Mostly, I need the quiet of night time so I can have a spare thought to myself.

    Shirl, I've found the laptop (netbook, in my case) invaluable. I can at least move myself out of family range somewhat, and I can work at the library and such as well.

    LeAnne, I would love to have that "going to work" thing nailed down. I did that for the month of January, spending half-days at my parents', and it made such a difference to my productivity.

    Grace, I'm totally working on long-term travel plans. Such a beautiful place.

  8. A space to call your own is vital to a writer's psyche, I think. Even if that space is a laptop in the bathroom :)
    I've got an unused bedroom, converted to writing space. I'm the envy of many with a big desk, closet for files, a comfy chair and a sea view. But sometimes I have to get away from the computer so I take a notebook and a pen to the local coffee shop and lose myself in the story that won't work when e-mail and internet beckons.

  9. Congratulations on your new home, Grace. It looks spacious. I love moving house, but haven't done it for ten years. Prior to that I moved every one to two years because my husband was in the military.

    My son and I swapped our rooms last year. He now has his space in the downstairs room (much bigger space for him) and I have a room looking out to the street, with the western sun to keep me company in the afternoon.