Saturday, March 20, 2010

Reading Seasons

Do you ever get tired of reading? Probably not--I know I don't!

But just like food, I sometimes get tired of the same type of books and crave for something different.

For a season I would be drooling over a good mystery or even a sci-fi novel; other times I would only be interested in clever nonfiction, books on writing and marketing, or inspirational books. You know, like a couple of months ago when all I read were books on Christian living, as I was in search for a deeper relationship with God. And yes, there are those times when all I want to read is the Bible and I can't get past a few pages of that novel sitting on the shelf.

So, I've discovered that through the year, my soul would move into different reading seasons--the spring of fiction, the summer of spiritual readings, the autumn of nonfiction, and the winter when I will just watch movies instead.

What about you? Do you have reading seasons? Where are you right now?

Nick Daniels is a suspense novelist and podcast host. If he were stranded on a desert island with one book, it would have to be the Bible, but hopefully a version with an appendix on how to survive in a desert island (or how to build a cruise ship).


  1. I always have at least one book I am reading and do appreciate what you have shared, Nick. My preferred reading is always fiction but there sure are times to read other challenging books on Christian living!

  2. I have at least two books on the go, usually a nonfiction and a fiction. My reading mood depends on the day I've had. If I've had a challenging day writing fiction, I like to read non-fiction so it lets my creativity go into the subconscious to percolate on the day's work.

    If I've had a breezy writing day, I'm still in creative mode and I usually want to build on that creativity, so fiction is the way for me to go.

    I start my day with reading a chapter of the bible. This sets my mindset for the day. I can't imagine starting my writing day now without that devotion.

    Thanks Nick for helping me distinguish between the two.

  3. Yes, I read a daily portion of the Bible. It always manages to set the tone of my day. But lately my reading has been in a rut. I've been revising ad nauseum. Isn't there ever a time you feel THAT'S IT?

  4. I read several books at once (sometimes at the exact same time!): fiction, books on writing, poetry, art books (as I'm an artist) and on music theory, practice and history (I sing). I also like science books for the layman, especially to do with time,cosmology,evolution, different religions, different takes on Jesus,that sort of stuff. I don't like to miss out on anything and I'm never bored! Ann