Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Bookish Tuesday | Out of the Cages by Penny Jaye

Book Review by Judy Rogers @ICFWriters

About Out of the Cages

Fifteen-year-old Meena has given up all hope of ever escaping the brothel.

For three years she’s locked away her memories – of home, of her childhood friend, of what it means to hope. But when a botched police raid offers her a chance at freedom, Meena must face the truth about her past.

As she attempts to piece her life back together, the memories she has buried deep inside begin to resurface. Meena realises escaping the brothel is only the beginning of what it means to be free.

Can she face the truth in her memories? Can she return to Nepal if it means returning alone? Or will she face the red-light district one last time?

Michelle Winser, CEO, Destiny Rescue Australia, says:

As the CEO of Destiny Rescue Australia, I see and hear of these atrocities every single day. Penny has captured the strength & determination of Meena beautifully as a shining example of all rescued children. A truly riveting read! The only way evil can triumph is if good people do nothing.

Melinda Tankard Reist, writer, speaker, and activist, says:

Out of the Cages reveals the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual suffering of young girls trafficked into global systems of prostitution. Young adult readers will gain insight into the deception, the betrayal of trust, the systemic collusion, and, above all, the extreme suffering of vulnerable girls whose bodies have become fodder to fuel a global industry. I hope this book will compel all who read it to do all they can to bring an end to sexual slavery.

Kate Marchesi, Lawyer and Women’s Rights Advocate, says:

Jaye’s words resonate deeply, touching on a story that is so often told only after the horrific events unfold. Jaye’s unique perspective on the sex trafficking industry and the lives if these women gives voice to the human experiences behind the headlines. This isn’t just a novel about brutality, cruelty and evil, it’s a novel about hope and friendship.

Review by Judy Rogers

From the first page of the prologue of Out of the Cages by Penny Jaye, I wanted to take Meena and Putali home and look after them. I couldn’t bear the thought of them being abused. They were just little innocent girls.

Then when I heard the motor bikes approach, I felt like jumping into the book and shaking the boys Rajit and Santosh until their teeth rattled loose in their heads. I wanted the scream at them, ‘Do you have any idea what you are doing? Go away! Leave my girls alone.’

Then Penny Jaye dumped me into Meena’s living hell. I knew it had to come, but I wasn’t quite ready for her pain and despair. I wasn’t quite ready for the callousness of Madam or the brutality of her henchmen.

When police raid arrived, it filled me with hope—and then anger.

Penny Jaye skilfully wove snippets of the girls’ journey from Nepal throughout the story. Each time, I wanted step in and tell them not to go. I wanted to confront the men who were kidnapping them. I wanted to step in and pluck my girls to safety.

Meena’s journey was a rollercoaster of emotions. Her years in the brothel sharpened her fears, decimated her trust and blinded faith in others.

Meena’s story is a story of many young girls—too many young girls who have been tricked or whisked away without a sound. Stolen from family. Stolen from life itself.

Meena’s future is one that is offered to too few girls.

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