Thursday, December 10, 2015

Waiting on Him this Advent

I am not a patient person. When I want something, I want it NOW! 

Yet this year has been full of roadblocks. Even things I know are God's will for me have been a long time coming. I know He wills for me to write, and my writing is all about honouring and glorifying Him, sharing His love.

But my 2015 writing and book release plans... ha, you're kidding, right? I planned to write and release seven books this year. Instead, I managed two. My oh-so-optimistic earning projections based on my first three months as an indie author look more like a joke than anything resembling reality. 

It's been a struggle at time. I kicked and screamed and tantrummed like a toddler. I did not surrender to God easily! 

Still, looking back, it's been a wonderful year. A powerful year. A year of growth, as God has one by one stripped away all the little idols I'd placed ahead of Him, and taught me to rely on Him and Him alone. 

Now, in the Advent season, a time of waiting to celebrate the coming of the little child who brings new light and new life to the world, He's teaching me to rest in Him. To listen to the whispers of Spirit and do all He asks me to, but to stop the stressing and the rushing and the worrying. To let go of all that is not Him and His Love. 

And to be patient.

 Now as for you, dear brothers who are waiting for the Lord’s return, be patient, like a farmer who waits until the autumn for his precious harvest to ripen.  Yes, be patient. And take courage, for the coming of the Lord is near. James 5:7-8 TLB


  1. Autumn, lovely post in adoration of our Lord. What a year it has been for you - congratulations on the 2 books. That's an incredible achievement. The crucible of surrendering our idols is always tough isn't it? I've experienced that as I've been writing this year, and interestingly I think (well hope) it's added to my story.

    Waiting is hard. But we are to wait in anticipation, in hope, not being idle but leaning into Him. He is coming, He is coming.

    Merry Christmas, Autumn.

    1. Thank you, Ian. Yes, He is coming! And He is with us now, which is even more wonderful. I know I have far more to surrender yet on this journey to giving Him full Lordship of my life.
      Prayers for a joyful and blessed Christmas to you too :)