Sunday, December 23, 2012


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Rita Galieh: Forgive Us Our Christmases


Christmas Day


Kara Isaac: A Strange (But True) Tale of Getting An Agent


Paul Baines

Friday Devotion

Ray Hawkins: Thank God for the Eighth Day!


Contest Giveaway Winners

jaymac is the winner of Laura O'Connell's book, Web of Lies (Narelle's post, December 11). jaymac, please leave a comment with your email address on this post so we can contact you. 

Congratulations jaymac!



Congratulations to Kara Isaac, who has signed with Chip MacGregor, of MacGregor Literary Inc. to be her agent.

Kathi Macias' book, Unexpected Christmas Hero was named 2012 Book of the Year by


New Book Releases

Donna Fletcher Crow's Victorian true-crime set in England, A Tincture of Murder, Book 4 in The Lord Danvers Mysteries series, is a December 2012 release from Greenbrier Books.


Upcoming Book Releases

Kathi Macias' historical set in the US, The Moses Quilt, will be a January 2013 release from New Hope Publishers.

Tessa Stockton's suspense/thriller set in Colombia, The Unspeakable, will be a January 2013 release from Wings ePress.

Donna Fletcher Crow's romantic suspense set in England, A Jane Austen Encounter, Book 3 in The Elizabeth and Richard Mysteries series, will be a Winter 2013 release from Stonehouse Ink.

Jennifer Rogers Spinola's 4-in-1 novella collection, Yellowstone Memories, will be a February 2013 release from Barbour's Romancing America series.

Jeanette Windle's book set in Africa, Congo Dawn, will be a February 2013 release from Tyndale.

Donna Fletcher Crow's Clerical mystery set in England, An Unholy Communion, Book 3 in The Monastery Murders series, will be an April 2013 release from Monarch Books.

Christine Lindsay's historical, Captured by Moonlight, Book 2 of the Twilight of the British Raj series and sequel to the multi-award winning Shadowed in Silk, will be released in eBook format in February 2013 and print in May 2013 from WhiteFire Publishing.

Kathi Macias' historical set in the US, Last Chance for Justice, will be a May 2013 release from B and H Publishing Group.

Kathi Macias' historical set in the US, England and France, The Doctor’s Christmas Quilt, will be an October 2013 release from New Hope Publishers.

To find more International Christian Fiction books, please visit our Recent Releases page, Backlist Titles page and our International Christian Fiction wiki.


  1. Hi Laura, I'm so excited to win 'Web of Lies' your recently published novel. Nature and nurture are important variables in any person' s growth and development and the ratio of one to the other is a never ending topic for discussion . Looking forward to my read!

  2. congratulations, Jaymac. I'm responding to your private email.