Thursday, September 27, 2012

Our Forever Family

As I write this I'm about to board a plane and fly off to teach at another writers' conference. I do this several times a year, so it isn't really a unique experience--and yet it is. At each conference I meet different people, all individuals with dreams and hopes and aspirations, all creatures stamped with the image of their Creator. As a result, I take my assignment as speaker/teacher seriously.

This is especially true as I find more and more conference attendees showing up from countries other than my own. It is fascinating to chat with these people and discover that though we have some differences, we have much more in common than not.

Why is that? True, we share a dream and passion to write, and I don't discount that connection. But because I teach almost exclusively at Christian events, the primary connection I find with others in attendance, whether from my country or otherwise, is that we share the same Father. Being part of that "forever family" goes beyond any cultural or racial or economic or political issues imaginable!

I fully expect to experience that same connection when I arrive at my next teaching venue and begin to meet and greet and connect with others who are even now flying or driving in from various locations. My prayer is that God will unite our hearts in a way that will supersede any differences the world might throw our way. I just wish you all could join us! Then again, it won't be long until every single member of our "forever family" will be together in that heavenly venue where our Father sits on the throne, waiting to welcome each and every one of us. See you there, my beloved brothers and sisters!


  1. Kathi,
    What a nice thought. I'm so excited for that glorious reunion! God bless your conference and all the attendees.

  2. Have a great conference, Kathi! Love your title because it's so true--we make such lovely friends in this business. And they are forever.