Monday, May 21, 2012

The Universal Need for a Deliverer

People often ask me why I write about such "dark subjects"--the persecuted Church, homelessness, human trafficking--and I tell them I don't write about dark subjects; I write about the Light that shines in the darkness.

Shouldn't that be true of all Christian writers? Some of us may venture deeper into the darkness with our novel subjects, but can a novel be classified as "Christian" if it doesn't center around the Light of the World?

My current fiction series, "The Freedom Series," is built around the horrific crime of human trafficking, which is modern-day slavery. Why, then, call it "The Freedom Series"? Because while I want readers to grasp the enormity of evil contained in human trafficking, I don't want them to be overwhelmed with it. As Christian writers we want to hold out the Light of the World, the Hope for the hopeless, a Savior for the lost. And that's what I've attempted to do in this series, as well as in my other books/series.

In book one, Deliver Me From Evil, readers meet the primary characters of the series, including girls trapped in this heartbreaking life. As they move from book one to book two, Special Delivery, readers begin to see hope for the victims as they become survivors. But the subject of book three, The Deliverer, is necessary for anyone--whether trapped in human trafficking or otherwise--to become truly free. The Deliverer is the answer for all of us, regardless of our country or culture, our age or race, our life experiences or social status.

The need for a Deliverer is universal--and there is only One. I pray this series, as well as every book I write or, more importantly, every book you read, leads you to His welcoming arms.


  1. More and more, I believe Christian authors are willing to explore the darkness in order to truly share just how glorious the Light is. Seems I have a new series to add to my To Be Read list. Thanks for sharing...and for the challenge.

  2. You are a marvelous woman. We have just been introduced to the notforsale campaign. thank you for writing about this awfulness in the world.

  3. Thanks for tackling such difficult topics, Kathi. And you're right. You don't write about the darkness, but you bring the light. That's what we're all supposed to do.

  4. May many be delivered as a result of your books.

  5. Can't wait to read them - though having just sobbed my way through The Whistleblower suspect my husband would like to not have to be sharing a bed with me when I do!

    Are they going to be available on Kindle at all?

  6. i've just ordered the first two books of the series. is the deliverer published yet??