Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ Bare Friendship

By Lucy Thompson

Bare friendship

What does it look like for ourselves? For our characters? How do we become a friend who will stand the test of time?

Below are some of the facets of a what a solid friendship, a bare friendship, looks like:


This is the friend will tell me that a certain item of clothing *cough* makes me look fat is unflattering. 

They will point out sin in our lives and gently guide us into a deeper relationship with Jesus. Will say the hard truths even when we might not want to hear them.

~In a story, how could this be played out with a secondary character (the ultra extroverted friend who is honest to a fault, or perhaps a quiet older friend who says something at a low point of a main character's journey to pick them up), or how could the main character develop this trait and show it to someone else?~

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