Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Best of the ICFW Archives ~ Encouraged to Write

By Mary and Ray Hawkins

My husband, Ray, regularly shares devotional thoughts with us here on Fridays. I couldn't resist asking him to write this post for us about how he started writing for publication of his own books.

Being an obedient husband plus wanting to be fed, I’ve agreed to write this guest blog for Mary. What to write about for Christian fiction writers when my interest is in another genre is an interesting exercise. Sure I’ve read Mary’s novels. No I wasn’t threatened with starvation if I didn’t. Were they enjoyable? Without fear of reprisal or starvation I can honestly say “yes.”

Personally, my preferred reading is history, commentary and devotional material. I guess that’s the preacher in me. Those with the ability to write must express themselves. This is especially true from a Christian worldview perspective and across all genres. Years before my fingers found the keyboard of a computer I’d heard Mary’s cries of anguish, frustration, joy and triumph after grappling with characters, settings and editing. Many of you know those scenarios too I’m sure.

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