Thursday, August 10, 2017

Best of the Archives ~ A Tribute to the "Jenny Blakes" -- Writers' Helpers

By Mary Hawkins

A few years ago, I heard online about a lady called Jenny. I can’t even remember now just when and where I started to hear of her. At first she was often just mentioned as “ausjenny” and it was some considerable time before I discovered more about her.

Many authors overseas as well as in Australia now know her through her blog, Come Meet Aus Jenny where she has featured many on interviews, told about their books. This kind of exposure is invaluable to published authors. I noticed that Lisa Harris mentioned in her post on ICFW last Tuesday that it is essential for a writer to "get the word out" about her book, and "ausjenny" may not even realise how much help she has been to us.

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  1. I've always said it takes a village to write a book, but it doesn't stop there. As writers we need the support even after the book is written from people like Jenny and of course our wonderful readers. Thanks for being a blessing, Jenny!

  2. Thank you for all your hard work, Jenny. We appreciate you.