Thursday, December 17, 2015


So here we stand at the end of another year. I’m sure a lot of us say the same thing around this time of the year: “Next year can’t be as busy/as bad as this year.” And guess what? We get to the end of the next year and it’s been busier, or it’s been worse than the previous one (or both). I’m certain that 2016 will be no different for most.

My husband and I started this year off in Finland. I remember standing on the edge of a frozen lake at my daughter-in-law’s childhood home and pondering what 2015 would hold in store. At that time, many of my friends were choosing a word for the year, something they felt God had in store for them. The word I felt God give me at that icy spot was “Breakthrough.” And in many ways, this year has been a breakthrough year. But it’s been more than that, and I’m so glad God didn’t give me the words that truly encapsulated this year—Tough; Loss; Heartache; Hospitals; Goodbyes. If I’d known what the year would hold, I probably would have found myself a pair of ice-skates and skated off into the Finnish sunset the day God chose to give me the word “Breakthrough” instead.

My mom fell ill with heart failure mid-2014. We didn’t think she’d make the end of that year. It was so hard to see her grow more frail with each passing month this year. To lose her in July (five months ago today) was heartbreaking, but it was also a relief. She was out of her suffering and in glory with her Savior. But to lose my dad 33 days later on August 19th was devastating and unexpected.

Then came saying goodbye to both my brothers shortly after my father’s funeral—one more permanently than the other. My youngest brother, two years older than me, immigrated to the land of our ancestors—Scotland. My oldest brother left for Iraq to work on a rotation basis. He’s just landed back home in South Africa after being away for over two months and will be here for a few weeks before heading back to the Middle East. I look forward to seeing him again.

Early September, my eighty-year-old mother-in-law took a bad fall due to being ill and was admitted to hospital for one long month. We were concerned about her condition. I could not plan another funeral. But God knew that.

This Tuesday I bade farewell to my boss who has gone on early retirement. After nine years as his PA, I will certainly miss him.

I’m tired of goodbyes…

But 2015 wasn’t a year of only doom and gloom (although if one looks at what has happened in the world this past year, it was once again a year fraught with terrible global tragedies).

For me, this year was truly a breakthrough year, too, as God had promised. Let me share why:

  • I published three novellas—two indie, one traditional.
  • I signed another contract with my publisher for my third Passport to Romance which is now in pre-production for publication 2016. Hopefully I get to do a cover reveal soon.
  • I dipped my toe in the indie pond, and loved it so much, I decided to stay and play.
  • Both my indie books have been released independently and as part of two great box sets.
  • I currently have plans for another two novellas in different box sets with international authors, and one of the stories is the first of a new seven book series.
  • And finally, I ticked something off my bucket list…I attended the 2015 American Christian Fiction Writers Conference in Dallas, Texas, USA, where I met so many of my precious cyber friends. What a highlight! Below is a pic of me and two of my critique partners, Heidi and Janet.

And so, after such a busy, exciting, and terribly sad year, it is with great anticipation that I look forward to the week between Christmas and New Year as we head for the mountains… me, hubby, my two sons, their wives and my two grandsons. One week to relax and bathe in the majestic splendor of God’s creation.

What will 2016 bring? One thing it will bring for me is at least another three book releases. It will also bring a trip to Scotland in June with my hubby, sister and two nieces to visit my brother and his wife. Beyond that, I’ve no idea, but I do know the One who knows, and that is all that matters. And whether the new year brings more heartache, or tons of joy, God will be there right beside me. He’ll carry me through the valleys, and He’ll rejoice with me on the mountaintops.

How has your year been? Has it been a long twenty-fifteen, or did 2015 flit by without you noticing how you got to December again? What does 2016 hold in store for you?

MARION UECKERMANN's passion for writing was sparked when she moved to Ireland with her family. Her love of travel has influenced her contemporary inspirational romances set in novel places. She now lives in South Africa in an empty nest with her husband and their crazy black Scottie, Wally.


  1. You really have had an incredible roller-coaster ride this year, Marion. Looks like next year is going to be exciting too - but hopefully just the ups and none of the downs of 2015!

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  3. Sorry for your losses, Marion. Glad there were many good things, too. I enjoyed meeting you in Dallas. As for me, social media and contests were the writing highlights of 2015. I gained ~7,000 fans/followers. Praise God! I was a semifinalist in Genesis and a finalist in First Impressions (first contest nods ever). Not winning hurt (a lot!), but I’m thankful for how far I made it. I learned important truths about my first manuscript–-truths I was able to use to my advantage in editor pitches in Dallas. Three houses have a partial and one has the full. Maybe 2016 will be THE year? I wrote a new novel in 2015, too. I want to edit it in 2016. The new year will be interesting one way or another. My husband retires from the U.S. Army. We're moving to North Carolina. We don't have jobs lined up. I want the kids to go to a private school near our N.C. home, but they have to test in. My boy has Asperger's, and this test will be an adventure. My mom is alone in Brazil and not well. I pray I can get a good job and move her to the United States in 2016, but it's not going to be easy to convince her. And we are new Christians and will also be looking for a new church for the first time ever. It will all work out, right? :)