Friday, September 18, 2015

DEVOTION: Our Heart Decides What We See ~ Ray Hawkins

What you see is dependent upon what possesses your heart.

Given the first choice by his uncle Abram Lot’s decision revealed the priority of his heart. It was infected and affected by the Egyptian interlude (Genesis 13:10). Abram was left with Canaan, which was were his heart lay. It was the land of promise and testing.

The test came when the son of promise faced death and Abraham’s (with his name changed) trust in God’s assurance. That would require Isaac’s resurrection. By God’s grace both were spared the ordeal. God called on Abraham to lift up his eyes and stay his hand. What did he see? A ram caught in the thicket. The ram became the substitute for Isaac.

The psalmists tell us on numerous occasions to ‘lift up ‘ either our eyes in psalm 121, our soul in psalm 25:1 and our voice in psalm 28:2 and our hands in psalm 63:4. The question to be asked concerns the reason and motivation for doing this. In turn what colours the heart determines not only what we see but how the Lord responds. James 4:10 shares with us the necessary heart set. It is humility. We have surrendered our lives to Jesus as the Christ and Lord.

Why would we do that?

Because we have realised this Jesus is the Son of God. He was lifted up for us according to John 8:28. 12:32-34. He was lifted up to draw all eyes to Him as the one Promised according to the Scriptures. It is also stated in John 3:14-17 that people might look to Him and in believing have eternal life. His resurrection and His fulfilment of Scripture plus the transformation of our lives and destiny are our grounds of assurance. Others have looked at the ‘lifted up’ Jesus on the cross and only see a fool, failure or martyr. Their heart of pride, prejudice and ignorance caused them to choose to deride or discredit Him and the cross and dismiss the resurrection and Biblical testimony.

It is when we lift up our hearts through faith in Christ as Lord and Saviour we experience a beautiful benediction. Given by Yahweh to the tribe of Aaron it was to bless the nation of Israel and one I like to believe also applies to us. ‘The Lord lift up his countenance upon you, and give you peace.’ Numbers 6:26.

©Ray Hawkins August 29 2015.

Ray Hawkins writes Biblically themed Devotional Meditations. His 31 Day Devotionals include: Children, God’s special Interest. From Eden with Love (re. Marriage). Bethlehem’s Warrior Baby. Captured by Calvary. Dynamic Ageing. Signposts to Happiness (Beatitudes in Scripture). Also a book of Poem ‘We Love Because.’

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  1. Thank you again for your willingness to send in devotions for our Friday slot Ray. Much appreciated. You're so right. We need to keep our spiritual eyes focused on the One who controls our lives.