Monday, May 18, 2015

The Dog with No Name

This week my writerly self has been very busy! I've been trying to crack the book marketing code for years, and this new venture represents an important new experiment for me.

Imagine with me if you will: a chilly spring night in the suburbs of Belfast, Northern Ireland. Drips from a recent rain fall from roofs while a man and his dog wander the streets aimlessly. So far, everything is normal.

Except it's not. In 2079, government experiments have caused the terminator gene to run rampant: nothing grows any more, and food is in short supply. When we enter the scene, curfew is near, but the dog's master is beyond caring.

Follow along and experience Belfast through a dog's eyes as he faces the biggest decision of his life in just a split second.

And best of all? It's free on Kindle until the end of today only, at

I've known for a long time that a series is the best way to gain visibility as an author. While my novels are still stewing, I decided to release monthly short stories set in the same world. Each month, one of the stories will be free. You can go here: to subscribe to updates when the story is available at no cost.

There's also a companion story, Mothers of Belfast. Later, in the opening pages of the upcoming novel Mariah's Dream, the dog will meet the mothers. In the meantime, writing these "prologues" is giving me a ton of new material and background knowledge about my characters, both major and minor.


  1. Grace that sounds fascinating. And scary. Even though I love historicals that got me in! I already have my copy in my Kindle. Also that's a neat cover.

  2. Grace, well done. I love the idea of the monthly short stories. One of the wonderful aspects of the digital world is that we can be producing such content to get out to readers.

    I grabbed both stories and will report back.

    Trust it goes well.

  3. Grace, this sounds intriguing. The idea of short stories is a clever one too. I hope it works for you.