Thursday, April 3, 2014

Celebrating Milestones

Wow, can you believe that a quarter of the year has already passed?

These past few months have been a whirlwind for me as I've worked through various stages from proposal to first drafts to revisions to line edits to page proofs of FIVE different novels.

To be honest, I'll be amazed if the wrong hero or heroine doesn't show up in the wrong book at some point!

But... this is the week I get to celebrate the fruits of--not the past three months labor--but of last year's, as my fifth Love Inspired Suspense, Perilous Waters, hits bookstore shelves.


Later this the "fourth quarter" to be exact, I'll celebrate the ten year anniversary of my first wobbly steps as a fiction writer. I might even dig that first manuscript out of the cupboard and read it. :)

Okay, wait a second...

I just dug it out. The opening line reads: "I have no choice, Laura. You know that," Philip said in an irritatingly controlled voice.

Hmm, I kind of like it. It has possibilities. ;) Just need to up the danger factor...

Like the Alaskan Cruise that inspired my current release, my writing has been a feast of new experiences. I've met all kinds of people, in person (some vicariously through my daughter traveling to AU) and online, from around the world.

I've experienced new places, braved new challenges, stretched and grown, boldly risked rejection and failure in hopes of reaching new heights...

Just like the heroines I admire!

But the coolest thing of all has been gaining a better understanding of my own story.

As I've learned how to ferret out my hero or heroine's internal conflicts, the lies they believe, the wounds from their past that have brought them to this place in their story and the truth that will set them free, I have discovered truths about myself and have grown tremendously.

I hope you are cherishing each step of your life's journey and if you have a few hours to spare, perhaps you'd enjoy vicariously cruising Alaska with Sam and Jennifer in Perilous Waters, who also happen to be celebrating milestones, and if all goes well, can celebrate not getting killed. Hee, hee, hee. ;) 


  Sandra Orchard is a multi-award-winning Canadian author of inspirational romanticsuspense/mysteries with Love Inspired Suspense and Revell. An active member in American Christian Fiction Writers, The Word Guild, and Romance Writers of America, she enjoys helping writers hone their skills. To find out more about her novels, and to read interesting bonus features, please visit or connect at 

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  1. I love your first sentence! You got the 'ly' word in there right away. ;) Congratulations on your successes. Enjoy the moment!!

  2. LOL, I thought the same thing, Sara. Don't we all when we're new. Un, oops, I think I still do!

    "how to ferret out my hero or heroine's internal conflicts, the lies they believe, the wounds from their past that have brought them to this place in their story and the truth that will set them free" Excellent advice Sandra and absolutely crucial to get to the heart of our stories, I'm discovering.

  3. Meant to add, the thing that has amazed me since I started writing inspirational romance is how closely the characters spiritual issues mirror my own. It's like God uses the writing to show me what I most need to know too.

  4. Loved looking back at your writing journey, and the reminder that it does take baby steps to get where we want to be. We all have to start somewhere, learn, and grow. Congrats!

  5. Sandra... only 10 years? You're a speedy one! Congratulations on the milestones, and I hope one of the books you've been working on this year is the next Port Aster Secrets novel!

  6. Sandra, I can totally relate to mixing up hero and heroine's names. I've just completed a novelette and am busy with the next, and I often find myself writing the wrong name :)

  7. Congratulations on all those marvelous milestones, Sandra!

  8. 5 books, Sandra! I find it hard enough revising, editing just the one manuscript. Looking forward to reading your books.

  9. Hi Sandra, I love the post. Congrats on all those milestones, and good on you for celebrating them. It can be easy to just let the drift by, but all that work deserves acknowledgement.

  10. Lol, Sara and Autumn, I was wondering if anyone would notice that! :)
    Re: your experience, Autumn, it can get kind of scary as the layers get peeled back. I'm really struggling with my current heroine and I have a niggling feeling it's because I'm holding back where I need to go.

    Thanks Lisa & Janet, and yes, Jan, I'm just finishing up the final Port Aster revisions now. Yee! Well, until my editor gets her hands on them. I guess most people would hand it in already, but I like to let it sit untouched for awhile and then go back and have one more run through it so I can see it with fresh eyes. That and because I'm still not totally happy with it.

  11. LOL, Marion, I'm glad I'm not the only one!

    Thank you, Rita, Mary and Paula for the congrats and to all for sharing my celebration!

  12. Yes, Sandra, my vicarious experiences (and real ones, too) through my daughter emigrating to England spurred my Monastery Murders. What fun to have adventurous daughters!

  13. Sandra, congrats on achieving your milestones! Your latest LIS release set in Alaska sounds like a fascinating read :) It can be hard to keep our character's names straight when we're juggling multiple books.