Monday, February 11, 2013

Please Pray for South Africa

I had a writing-related blog post prepared for today. Because of time-zone differences, I usually wait until the morning my posts are due before publishing them. Yesterday I saw something in the news that shook me to my core and robbed me of most of my sleep last night.

South Africa is fast gaining a reputation as the rape capital of the world. The statistics are mind-boggling. What happened to Anene Booysen in Bredasdorp on February 2nd, however, is beyond belief. 17 year old Anene was on her way home when she was raped, mutilated, and left for dead. She passed away later in hospital, having named one of her three attackers.

I would advise you not to read the details of the crime. I woke up last night in a cold sweat. As a father of a girl not much older than Anene, my mind struggled to cope with the possibility that there are people in this world who can commit such a barbaric act.

So instead of posting my usual blog, I would like to ask you to pray for South Africa. The sexual violence so prevalent in that beautiful country needs to stop, and only God can turn men's hearts from evil. Please pray for Anene's family and friends, especially Anene's mother.


  1. My heart aches when I hear of evil loosed and unchecked in so many places. Sth Africa is not alone with such horrific crimes against women.

    Come Lord Jesus.

  2. Satan is alive and well, manipulating carnal hearts and minds.

    I pray for a loosing of the Holy Spirit across your land (and ours) so that the evil in people's hearts and minds might be eradicated and that they might be turned to the Savior.

  3. Years of disrespect under apartheid, hopelessness because of irresponsible fathers and routine violence, have left so many with no value for life. As Judith says, Satan is alive and well. May God use this terrible event to shock people into turning from Satan, renouncing his lies and embracing the Gospel--not as what we do on Sunday, but as the whole meaning behind Monday to Saturday.

  4. Thank you for asking for prayer for our country. Sadly, Anene's tragedy is only one that has somehow slipped out to the world media. Crime against women is prolific here, but it's as others have said. We are not alone. I believe we need to pray for the parents of young girls, that they will teach them discipline, and that they will have the courage to say "No" when their daughters want to walk into danger. Also that they teach their young boys to respect and protect ladies of all ages.