Monday, November 14, 2011

Paradise Escape

I've just spent two weeks in paradise. Or pretty darn close to it, anyway.
New Caledonia is a reasonably large speck in the Pacific Ocean, a French colony with all the requisite European flair. And being only two hours' flight from my home in Auckland, it's the ideal getaway to warmer climes. I feel very privileged to have friends there, with whom I can stay.

But this was more than just travel. All year I've been living as if the desk chair was ingrown to my rear for 17 hours a day, sometimes more. I've had to re-learn the art of doing nothing, of just sitting and staring at the sea. I was actually unable to settle down and do so in the first few days, but I sort of forced myself, and then - Reading, swimming, walking...ahhhh!

I may be young and foolish, but I've come to the realisation that I can't work endlessly as I have been doing. I'm never going to catch up with my to-do list anyway, so why bother keeping one? There will always be something left undone, and I'm going to have to get used to it.

I certainly don't want to be as lazy as I have been on this trip. The larger problem will be to keep myself from overdoing my work every single day that God gives. It's going to take a good deal of stubbornness, but I have to give it a try! For my sanity's sake, and for my muse, who likes to come out in quiet moments.

Do you push yourself too hard? Join me, and let's do something about it.


  1. Thanks for the timely reminder, Grace. Your pictures are gorgeous.

  2. I wouldn't call taking a much-needed break to rest "lazy." I'm glad you got a chance to put things in perspective. Personally, I aim for balance in life. Being a writer can make that challenging, to say the least, but then that's where a sense of humor comes in!

  3. I tend to feel guilty for taking time off even though I know I should. But I also don't want to be guilty of making excuses. As someone in ministry, it is hard to draw the line as to what is work and what is merely what any Christian should be doing. I'm so glad you had a good break and come back refreshed. It looks like a beautiful place.

  4. And on the seventh day God rested. It wasn't that He was tired. He was setting an example for us. We need to balance work and rest. You cannot forever keep putting out without putting something back into the reserve.

    What a beautiful vacation place! I'm glad you had a chance to gain some perspective. Thank you for sharing your lovely photos.

  5. Gorgeous photos. It's hard sometimes striking the right balance between work and rest.Glad you hard a great time.

  6. Grace, I'm glad you had the opportunity to rest and relax during your vacation :) The photos are beautifuI! I also struggle with working too much and trying to find balance. Your post is a timely reminder with the busyness of the Christmas season upon us.