Wednesday, November 11, 2009

G'day from W.A.

Hi. My name is Lee Franklin and to borrow the title of a famous song – I come from a land Down Under.

There isn’t a whole lot about me that you’d find interesting. I live on the outskirts of a small town in Western Australia. Here, we’re surrounded by Jarrah, Marri and Eucalypt trees. Between home schooling, writing and clinical hypnotherapy, life is pretty busy. And, I wouldn’t have it any other way. I’m still finding my niche in writing, at the moment I’m combining romance with suspense.

I had a completely different post ready to go, until I noticed the date; today is Remembrance Day.

At the eleventh hour, on the eleventh day of the eleventh month in 1918, World War 1 was formally ended with the signing of the Armistice.

In Australia, we don't celebrate by having a public holiday. Instead at exactly eleven a.m. we have a minute's silence to remember those who have served our country, both as civilians and in the armed forces.

So rather than a long-winded post extolling the virtues of this country, which as you all know are many, *grin*,I wanted to take a few moments and thank those who vow to protect us.

In Kings Park, here in Perth, hundreds gathered to pay tribute to Western Australia's war dead.Thank you to those who gave their lives during World War 1, World War 2 and other conflicts around the world. Because of you the world is a much safer place.

To honour those fallen, I'm giving away an Australian Calendar, posted to anywhere in the world.

Here's the question;

Australia's top three heroes are a bushranger, a racing horse and a cricketer. Simply leave your name and email and the answer to at least one. I'll draw the winner in a week, they'll be notified by email and also in the comments section of this post.

Lee Franklin lives on a small property in Western Australia with her family. Surrounded by bush and a myriad of animals life couldn't be better. To read her blog, Today, simply click here.


  1. Hi Lee. Western Australia is on my to-do list, after Mum and Dad saw the wildflowers there this year and couldn't stop raving about WA!
    I love blog quizzes but I'll leave the games to our OS friends this time :)
    And thanks for reminding us of such an important day in our history.

  2. :-) Well, I know the answers to this one but I can buy my own Aussie calendar from the shop down the road, so happy to leave it for your non-Aussie readers.


  3. I have no idea! All I can think of is Waltzing Matilda...hahaha.
    I could probably google it but that would be cheating. ;0)

  4. Hey, friend!
    Great post! When do I get to visit????

    Blessings and congratulations!

  5. Dorothy, your Mum and Dad are right the wild flowers are gorgeous, so let me know when you're coming over! ;)

    Thanks for stopping by, Rel. Everyone I spoke to said the quiz was easy for us Aussies.

    Catherine, thanks for your help today, I don't mind if you google the answer!

    Hey, can come down for a visit anytime!

  6. Well since I live in the middle of the United States these are pure guesses on my part.

    Ned Kelly
    Phar Lap
    Donald Bradman

    seriousreader at live dot com

  7. Thanks for commenting, Linda! Great guesses by the way ;)

  8. Lee, great post! Thanks for sharing and reminding us about Remembrance Day :-) I'll leave the blog quiz for our international friends. If you miss out on winning Lee's calendar, you'll have another chance to win an Aussie calendar in a few weeks time :-)

  9. A lovely and very appropriate post today, Lee.
    What a shame Western Australia is so far away from the Eastern states - and er, this south-eastern one especially. Have only been able to have a night and day in Perth, have a nephew living there and would love to see those wildflowers I've heard so much about over the years.
    And yeah, those questions were easy for Aussies!
    Mary H

  10. Okay, I cheated. I had to Google. The famous race horse is Phar Lap. He was poisoned! How very sad!!!! I hate hearing stories like that.

    Lee, in Canada we honour Remembrance Day the same way as you Aussie's do. We take a moment of silence at 11 after 11. We also have many parades in different cities to honour those who fought and fight for our freedom and safety.

  11. Hi Narelle, Mary and Eileen! Thanks for posting!

    I don't mind if you 'cheated', Eileen, at least you found one of the answers!

    Mary, I've been to Tasmania and thought it beautiful, such a shame about the water shortage on the east coast.

    Looking forward to your post too, Narelle!